The Netherlands Education Group is one of the international leaders in organizing short-term professional courses for people from all over the world! We provide education in business and personal development. The courses help young people to accelerate and reach their full potential. During the classes, participants acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed to build an international career. We help youth to develop soft skills which are essential for global leaders!

We organize short-term educational programs that help young people to be prepared to the challenges that the labor market can bring tomorrow! Here you can see the list of some of our programs –

We invite young leaders from different countries to become the Youth Ambassadors of the Netherlands Education Group!

What is the role of the Youth Ambassador? Youth Ambassadors will be asked to represent the Netherlands Education Group in their regions, in their organizations/universities, and help young people to access the information about international education!

Being a Youth Ambassador you will:

  • Get an international experience of working on international youth projects!
  • Meet great people from all around the globe!
  • Improve your leadership skills!
  • Join one of our courses in Amsterdam and one of our courses in Moscow free of charge (the trip will be fully covered by us!)
  • Develop yourself in a personal and professional way!

What do we expect from Youth Ambassadors?

Youth Ambassadors are the representatives of the Netherlands Education Group in their region. What will Youth Ambassador have to do?

Get in touch with local universities that might be interested in cooperation with the Netherlands Education Group; together with universities designing the programs of short-term courses that might be interested in students of those universities.

Get in touch with local youth and other organizations that might be interested in cooperation with the Netherlands Education Group;

Spread the information about the programs of the Netherlands Education Group among young people who might be interested in participation;

Analyze the learning needs of the youth in your region and come with suggestions on which courses might be interesting for youth from your region;

Act as a local contact point of the Netherlands Education Group and be able to provide the information on our programs!

Requirements for becoming a Youth Ambassador:

  • Good English language skills
  • The opportunity to dedicate a few hours per week for work as a Youth Ambassador
  • Good communication skills
  • Broad network and ability to get in touch with young people

Youth Ambassadors are appointed for the period of 12 months.

During the final stage of the program, each ambassador will have to attract at least two participants to any of our programs. Participants must pay for the course, get a visa, and come to the program.

How to apply?

In order to apply for the position of Youth Ambassador of the Netherlands Education Group – send an email to and indicate ‘Youth Ambassador’ in the subject. Please, include the following documents in the email:

  • CV (in English)
  • Motivation letter (in English)