YEAs and NAYs for Online MBAs

Master of Business Administration (known as MBA) programs are generally designed for graduate students (mainly in major of Economics, Business Management, Marketing, Finance, … etc). Alumni usually tend to run for an MBA program in an attempt to boost their CVs as fresh graduates, seeking to strengthen their opportunities to get a reasonable job at the very early stages. However, this is not the only impetus for an MBA program as an option to go for. It is not uncommon among employees (particularly in domains pertinent to management at large) to run into an MBA program attempting for better recognition in their work environment. Such recognition can easily be translated into a salary increase or even a promotion for a higher position.

That was a general overview of MBAs in their broader sense. However, MBA programs vary according to many aspects, including type (in-person/online/hybrid), seize (full/part-time), and executive (more for employees). This article, focusing on online MBA programs, elucidates what truly matters in taking an online MBA program, and what does not. i.e., how beneficial would an Online MBA program be depending on an array of factors?

#1 YEA for an Online MBA

An online MBA program is generally tailored for employees, who may suffer attending ordinary in-person classes due to their responsibilities at work. Hence, such MBA programs are usually of certain flexibility to mesh with the busy needers of such a program. The employees benefitting from an Online MBA program would use their chances to develop knowledge and skills necessary over the business. They also can further conceptualize all shades of what business management would actually look like, and the mechanisms of decision-making as a successful strategic process.

Advantages of an online MBA, at the simplest level, shall definitely include saving expenses of relocation and all the accompanying hassle, particularly when this course is actually abroad or in a different area. This particular fact frugally means that it is upon you as an MBA program student to control your study pace and make optimal scheduling of your own, conforming with your inevitable responsibilities. Adding all the aforementioned to the fact that, at the end of the day, you will acquire an internationally highly regarded credential, would make it a perfect choice both personally and professionally.

#2 NAY for an Online MBA

Applying for an MBA program is never a bad choice in general. However, there are still some points related to MBAs overall and to online MBAs in particular that would hold your reluctance. It is generally agreed that admission in an MBA program is highly restricted to meeting some tough prerequisites (GMAT test for example) justified by the fact that such a program is witnessing a high turnout rate, which in turn compels a set of particularly elevated criteria for admission. What would also hold your reluctance over applying for an online MBA program is the lack of interaction among students and staff surrounding. The learning process of this kind of studies is particularly relying upon the element of interaction, you will learn better and faster through your classmates’ practical experience when working in a group or on case studies for instance, and using the fact that online MBAs are remote and distance, it is next to implausible to gain all that you want and need to learn if simply comparing that to an in-person course.

All in all, one would eagerly recommend MBAs for all privileges that such programs bring at all levels. However, it demurs up to the applicant to choose between an in-person or an online MBA program. although in-person MBA courses may look highly interesting for all that they add to the pure learning process, online MBAs shall offer a clue to a wide range of interested alumni willing to go for such programs, but restricted by the burden of relocation and extra expenses. Besides other restrictions such as Visa requirements for instance if an African student decides to have it. Online MBA programs shall provide this kind of students with the mechanisms needed and the quality required over the courses without any other non-related requirements.

 by Oussama Chetioui