Workshop House

We offer many business and language courses on a variety of topics. Most of our courses last 1 week or more. Over time, we realized that a two-hour workshop is often enough to get you familiar with a particular area. Of course, during this time you will not become an expert, but you will get the foundation and understanding. Further, you will be able to make an informed choice in which direction to develop further. For example, you can continue to study independently or join a special advanced course in your chosen direction. Or understand that you are not interested in this area at all!

Of course, you can try to find everything online, but in our modern digital world, the importance of live communication is invaluable. Workshop house is a unique format where you can not only learn the basics of a particular topic in just a couple of hours but also meet like-minded people and make connections over a cup of coffee after the workshop. Two hours of “real” interaction will give much more than days of online learning and conversation!

Join us and have a productive evening and friendly atmosphere!

What is Workshop House about?

Workshop house is an amazing opportunity to get a set of basic knowledge and skills that will help you to succeed in professional and personal development, to achieve certain career goals. We offer workshops on the most interesting topics and develop a program for the most detailed acquaintance with the subject.

Here you could see some of the topics we offer:

Basics of Agile

Perhaps you have already met such a concept as Agile, saw this word in job descriptions. What is it and how does it work? This workshop will introduce you to Agile, learn its basics, learn more about applying this approach in organizations, and how you can personally apply it. During this workshop, we will provide you with an excellent foundation as well as share many resources that you can use to learn more about Agile and deepen your knowledge.

How to Start a Business

Tired of working from 9 to 5? It’s time to start a business and make your own agenda for the day! Explore the possibilities of launching a startup and its successful development!

During the workshop you will learn all about:

  • Legal aspects of starting a business – how to register and start a business, what are the legal forms of enterprises, etc.
  • Business Content – How to develop an idea correctly? What are the stages of business development and how to write a good business plan?
  • Find Clients – How to attract your first clients? What are the features of business promotion in the Netherlands?
  • Migration regulations – If you are not an EU resident, we will advise on how to get a residence permit and legally immigrate through your startup.

Network Development

More than 70% of all jobs in the Netherlands are found via networks. “Via-via” as we say! But how to create a network? 

The most common problem when moving to a new city or country is that you don’t know anyone. In addition to friends and acquaintances, you, as a professional, need connections to successfully find a job or develop your business. The question is how to arrange that?

During the workshop, you will receive all the necessary tips & tricks regarding creating and enhancing networks. “Use Linkedin!” – you often hear this phrase when you ask a question about professional communications. Of course, this is very good advice, but it is far from the only one! We will talk about remote and off-line options for network development, how to find like-minded people, how to start communication correctly, and much more.

Main topics:

  • Digital Channels – What digital channels you can use to broaden your network, how you can use them and what are the effective ways to turn digital contacts into real ones.
  • Offline Channels – What are the offline channels for expanding professional and personal networks, how to start communication and other related issues.
  • Communication Techniques – What communication techniques can be used to build and maintain strong relationships? What mistakes should be avoided?
  • Maintaining Effective Communication – How to maintain effective interaction with people, including those you don’t often meet.
  • Other – Based on individual questions and suggestions, we will talk about other challenges, discuss real cases and offer solutions.

Intercultural Management

Many of you work or plan to work in a multinational environment. Sometimes difficulties arise in communicating with people of different backgrounds and cultures. For example, if a person from country X is talking incessantly and has long been out of business, should we interrupt him? Would my boss from country Y find this behavior as rude as in his country? Or a colleague from Country Z is constantly rude to me – does this mean that he is just in a bad mood or is it quite normal for his cultural customs? In fact, we cannot always understand the behavior of certain people from different countries. There are even more misunderstandings with those foreign partners or customers whom we see less. Finding your way through all this diversity is the key to organize effective communication.

Explore the basic behaviors of people from different cultures, learn more about how to make the right interaction. We will discuss effective communication techniques and together analyze real cases.

Improve your communication skills in a multinational environment! Learn how to get along with your foreign partners, colleagues and customers!

Social Intelligence

Boost your social skills! Start understanding better other people, their behavior, their motives. Thanks for raising your social intelligence skills you will be able to improve your communication skills. You will be able to build more effective and enjoyable relationships at work and in a private field.

Social intelligence is the capacity to know oneself and to know others. Social intelligence will allow you not only to learn more about people around you but you will understand more about yourself.

Other topics

Interested in some other topic? We offer individual and group workshops on any topics related to business and management. Feel free to contact us

Dates & Price

Fee for 1 workshop: € 20

Location: Amsterdam or Utrecht

Dates: We will start as soon as offline workshops will be allowed again. We are planning to arrange at least 1 workshop per week (depending on the number of participants) approximately from 7 pm to 9 pm. After the workshop, you will be invited to stay for informal drinks!

How to Apply

If you want to join one of our workshops please fill in this form:

Or just send us an email to and indicate “Workshop House” in the subject. In the text of the email please write the title of a workshop or workshops that you would like to join. We will email you as soon as the workshops will be scheduled. Also, it would be great if you let us know more about you and your expectations.

Within Workshop House, we organize regular series of workshops on various topics where participants can learn fundamentals of some trending topics, meet great people and expand their own networks. The topics are very diverse – it can be anything from "How to start your business" and "Fundamentals of design thinking" to "How to write a CV" and "Fundamentals of Lean 6 Sigma" or "Agile". During a Workshop House you will learn about the topics that can be useful for your career and network with professionals from various fields. Each workshop lasts about 2 hours. After the workshop participants are invited to stay longer for drinks and networking. 

We invite volunteers to join our team and help to organize the workshops!

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Determining the Topics– you will be asked to do small research to see which topics could be interesting and determine the topics of coming workshops
  • Contacting speakers – you will be asked to contact speakers and invite for the workshops
  • Advertisement – you will be asked to spread the information about the workshop via social media and other tools
  • Assisting during the workshop – you will be asked to help us during the workshops

We would be happy if you could dedicate 5-15 hours per week to the Workshop House for 3-6 months, and if you enjoy it – even longer!

What do we offer?

  • Learning environment – you will learn about interesting topics during the workshops
  • Working experience – you will get experience of organizing events 
  • Network – you will create a broad network of professionals. Are you looking for a job? Then you might be interested to know that about 2/3 of jobs in the Netherlands are found via the network. So creating a broad professional network is the first step towards your dream job!

The volunteering is unpaid but we might be able to cover your travel costs to Amsterdam if you have to travel from other cities and in case of need provide you the accommodation after the workshop if you require it. 

Are you interested in? Please send us your CV and a cover letter to and indicate “Volunteering at Workshop House” as the topic.