Workshop House


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Within Workshop House, we organize regular series of workshops on various topics where participants can learn fundamentals of some trending topics, meet great people and expand their own networks. The topics are very diverse – it can be anything from “How to start your business” and “Fundamentals of design thinking” to “How to write a CV” and “Fundamentals of Lean 6 Sigma” or “Agile”. During a Workshop House you will learn about the topics that can be useful for your career and network with professionals from various fields. Each workshop lasts about 2 hours. After the workshop participants are invited to stay longer for drinks and networking. 

We invite volunteers to join our team and help to organize the workshops!

Volunteer Tasks:

  • Determining the Topics– you will be asked to do small research to see which topics could be interesting and determine the topics of coming workshops
  • Contacting speakers – you will be asked to contact speakers and invite for the workshops
  • Advertisement – you will be asked to spread the information about the workshop via social media and other tools
  • Assisting during the workshop – you will be asked to help us during the workshops

We would be happy if you could dedicate 5-15 hours per week to the Workshop House for 3-6 months, and if you enjoy it – even longer!

What do we offer?

  • Learning environment – you will learn about interesting topics during the workshops
  • Working experience – you will get experience of organizing events 
  • Network – you will create a broad network of professionals. Are you looking for a job? Then you might be interested to know that about 2/3 of jobs in the Netherlands are found via the network. So creating a broad professional network is the first step towards your dream job!

The volunteering is unpaid but we might be able to cover your travel costs to Amsterdam if you have to travel from other cities and in case of need provide you the accommodation after the workshop if you require it. 

Are you interested in? Please send us your CV and a cover letter to and indicate “Volunteering at Workshop House” as the topic.