Why MBA is still very important?

The MBA offers a whole range of subjects, such as economics, organization, marketing, accounting, finance, strategic management, international business, information technology management, human resources, and political strategies.

History and Evolution: over time and through information and communication technology

The MBA was created in the United States in the schools of administration under the English title of master’s degree in business administration, which became Master of business administration, abbreviated as MBA.

The quality of an MBA is first assessed on the basis of accreditations from International Institutions:

  • AACSB: Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (United States)
  • IACBE (US)
  • AMBA (England)

The annual MBA rankings established by certain newspapers or magazines are also a good way to know the value of a program.

The most recognized rankings in the world are those of the Financial Times14, Business Week and US News and The Economist15, Princeton Review16, Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine17. Like all training in the world, MBA has developed with the information system and communication technology. And especially with the development of distance learning. As The Netherlands Education Group online MBA program, online teaching facilitates remote access to a classroom, at a time that suits the learner. However, the latter may experience a feeling of isolation, due to the individual format of this type of learning, which can give him a feeling of loneliness. Nevertheless, the power of learning is very strong with concentration and the will to learn.

E-Learning in 2022 : the four keys numbers

1.The geography of e learning is clear: 70% of the global e-learning market is located in the United States and Europe (Skill Scouter, 2021).

2. 17 % of women say they want to voluntarily enroll in an e-learning course, compared to 13% of men surveyed. (NCES, 2021).

3. Nearly 80% of companies use e-learning platforms (Statista, 2020).

4. In 2021, 50% of American students had already experimented with online courses. In 2022, they are nearly 80%. (Skill Scouter, 2022).

MBA : The seven golden reasons to do it

Also with Online MBA (Modern Business Administration), program of the Netherlands Education Group The MBA is a demanding and important path, which requires sacrifices in terms of privacy and financial comfort. However, these sacrifices can be compensated. Benefit analysis:

1.Acquire a global vision of the company and its strategy

The MBA is a generalist degree focused on management. Its objective is to provide a second management skill to higher education graduates who wish to acquire the skills necessary to manage staff and familiarize themselves with the realities of business.

In addition to technical and academic skills, Netherlands Education Group worked on the online MBA program, mainly for the laureats to acquire a 360-degree view of a company.

2.A pass for an international career

Modern Business Administration from the Netherlands Education Group is one of the few degrees internationally. A person with an MBA will increase their chances of finding a job in the United States or Asia upon completion of their training. In addition, when you prepare a presentation in Amsterdam with an Arab, South African and South American, Asian participant, you develop an understanding of the issues related to multiculturalism.

3. Increase your income 

According to the latest report, QS Top MBA, the average annual salary for a European MBA is $91,586, compared to $45,500 for a master’s.

4.Build a network of influential relationships

Demanding courses are known to open doors to an international elite, which is why they are particularly popular with students. “Some executives come to the program for this reason alone. They know that their impact as a leader depends on their ability to nurture a strong professional network. MBA connects you with other executives who are potentially decision makers in their field.

In this respect, the action of the MBA network is organized around four main poles: classmates, former students, teachers who can put their students in contact with people in their network and job fairs.

5.Develop interpersonal skills

According to a survey of North American business leaders, managers are fired more for their lack of social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive skills than for their technical or academic shortcomings. Companies believe that insofar as a manager’s job is ultimately to carry out orders, his leadership or communication skills directly condition his effectiveness. In other words, nowadays, the knowledge-to do is not enough. It must be accompanied by know-to be.

To acquire it, it requires introspection and a questioning of its practices. During this MBA with The Netherlands Education Group training, participants undertake a journey during which they confront themselves intensively with their personality. Unconsciously, participants have access to individualized

6.A career accelerator

Faced with a skidding career, an employee may bemoan his fate or wonder about the actions to be taken to increase his employability. “Some large organizations require an MBA for the highest positions in their hierarchy”, students understand that they need to acquire new tools to maximize their potential.

MBA alone is not enough to parachute its holder into the management of a company. It should be noted that the choice of school is fundamental. according to a survey published by BusinessWeek magazine, the name of the establishment counts more than the knowledge acquired.

7.Change sector of activity

According to a study conducted by the human resources service provider Kelly Services, 40% of Swiss men and 49% of Swiss women say that they “would have preferred to pursue another career in the end”. One in five believe they chose the wrong job. At the end of an MBA, some students completely reorient their careers, others embark on an entrepreneurial adventure.

Thanks to the career guidance of professionals from the Netherlands Education Group, you will be able to better orient yourself in the world of professions and find the one that suits you best. The essential element of the program is practical work. You will work with businesses to find solutions to real problems in modern business.


Written by MASSIRA EL QATNAOUI on 29/11/2022.
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