What we do

Our approach is based on the belief that the best learning methods combine formal as well as non-formal and informal methods of education. We implement this belief in our programs! Our program combines the formal methods of education – providing the actual knowledge to students (participants of the courses) by the tutor; explaining the material and giving examples. At the same time, we try to involve the methods of non-formal and informal education. We use the games and exercises that allow students in a non-formal way to have a better understanding of the topic, to see the ways of practical use of the knowledge. We try to involve participants in the learning process. We try to activate their thinking about their own experiences which could be relevant to the topic. We believe learning through understanding the relevance of the material to own experience is the most effective.

Participants of the projects usually have great experiences and have a lot to learn from each other. Because of that reason during the projects we create the space for learning each other. We encourage participants to get to know each other more, to spend free time with each other sharing experiences. As the result of our projects we often had new professional partnerships among the participants. We try to make sure that our projects are not just the place to learn about the topic but also an excellent networking opportunity!

Another important fundamental of our approach is an emphasis on practical use. Among the tutors of our projects, you will more often see professionals with practical experience than university professors. The education that we provide is more practical than theoretical. We offer the trainings on new knowledge and skills which are not just interesting to learn but can be successfully applied in real life.