Webinar Guest

We organize additional education programs to help professionals become better versions of themselves and advance their careers.

We regularly host webinars for individuals interested in learning more about work and studies in the Netherlands. These webinars typically attract students and professionals from various countries who wish to gain insights into professional practices in the Netherlands.

We invite you to join us as a guest speaker at our workshop! Share your story and address participants’ questions.

What you can share?

We are seeking individuals who can share their experiences in various fields, particularly:

  • Work in the Netherlands: How did you search for a job in the Netherlands? How did you secure it? How did you prepare your application? What surprises did you encounter upon arriving in the Netherlands? And other related cases.
  • Studies in the Netherlands: How did you identify the right program? How did you prepare your application? Did you apply for a scholarship? Were your studies in the Netherlands challenging?
  • Recruitment: What is the recruitment process like in companies in the Netherlands?
  • Migration: What are the various pathways for migration to the Netherlands?
  • Starting a Business in the Netherlands: Have you launched a business in the Netherlands? What are the steps for starting a startup in the Netherlands?

If you have another interesting story to share, we would be delighted to hear from you!

The days and times for the webinar are flexible – you can let us know what is convenient for you.

How to participate?

Are you interested in becoming a guest for our webinar?
Please email us at office@tneg.nl and use “Guest for a Webinar” as the subject.