WANTED: Mentor

Most of our courses are related to business and entrepreneurship. Participants of our programs are those who want to develop leadership skills as well as to become entrepreneurs. During our courses, we offer theory and practice that help them to develop these skills. We often arrange visits to the organizations where our participants could build their own network. But what is also valuable is meeting professionals who could share leadership or entrepreneurship experience and give some tips.

We invite professionals who want to share their experience to become MENTORS  at our programs!

Mentor’s  tasks include:

  • Sharing information about professional experience
  • Providing tips to young leaders and entrepreneurs

We have 1-2 programs per month and you (as a Mentor)  can choose how intense you would like to participate. That means that the role of a Mentor is very flexible and you can decide how much time you can dedicate to mentorship.  You can hold a 2-hour seminar about your professional experience once a month or provide multiple sessions including individual guidance and tips. The intensity level is up to you!

Most of our programs take place in Amsterdam and that is why we are especially looking for Mentors based in the Netherlands. However, we would be happy to consider Mentors from other regions (mentorship online).

The mentorship is unpaid.

If you are interested in – please send your CV to info@tneg.nl and indicate “Mentor” as the subject. And please indicate what your specialization is and we will invite you to join the relevant group.