Vuyisile Ntosi Phehane

The first biotech Venture Capital Company in South Africa


Vuyisile Ntosi Phehane is the future founder of Thamsanqa Venture Capital.

The founder has PhD in Chemical Pathology, more than 15 years working experience in R&D, technology and innovation investment and technology commercialization. Also he has UCT certificate in Impact Investing, publications and patent holder.

Vuyisile Ntosi Phehane wishes to start own venture capital company, to make investment in biotechnology (health, agriculture, industrial biotechnology). The goal is to identify biotechnology outcomes at South African universities and scienceĀ  councils and to take these to the market through investments into spin-outs led by entrepreneurs. The venture capital company must grow these opportunities for profitable exit (sale of shares, or acquisition). The founder requests support in developing an investment thesis, budgeting and fees, compensation, introduction to Limited Partners in the EU and elsewhere on the globe.

The marketing strategy is based on digital marketing. The aim is to start with $10 million dollars and scale to $50 million dollars in in two years. The main competitors are: Knife Capital, Karon Venture Partners, Vumela Fund, Adinah Capital Partners, ALT Capital Partners, Creative Growth Capital, OneBio Africa.