Volunteer for Your Company

We are the Netherlands Education Group. We organize study programs. In addition to that we help young talented individuals to find opportunities to gain practical experience.

Do you have a company – small or big – in the Netherlands and could use help of a volunteer? Then we invite you to host a professional from abroad for the period from 1 week to 3 months in your company.

We receive requests from students and graduates from different countries who would like to come to the Netherlands and gain some professional experience here. They want to learn about practical work and create an international network. And this is the reason they are interested in coming to serve as volunteers.

A volunteer can help you with your routine task or a project work. If you need someone who speaks a particular language for one of your projects or just need extra hands – a volunteer can help you!

We work with young people who want to gain practical experience. We will be happy to send you the profiles of talented individuals who can contribute to your work. You can discuss with them directly and see if there is a click. And if so – welcome them in your company!

What is the background of a volunteer?

We receive requests from professionals from different countries with different backgrounds. You can let us know what the professional field is where you need extra hands, and we can check if we have a suitable candidate.

Is it free for a company?

Yes, we invite you to host volunteers who do not require payment. They will do the work for you, and you do not need to pay them. Of course, if you would like to cover transport costs or any other costs – you are very welcome to do so. But it is up to you.

And you do not need to pay anything to us for finding a volunteer for you.

Which kind of work can be done by volunteers?

You can suggest any work you have for a volunteer. It can be your regular tasks or a particular project where you need extra hands.

Do I have any obligations to offer a job or anything after the volunteering?

No. Not at all. Of course if you like a person and would like to continue the cooperation after the period of volunteering – you are welcome to do that but it is up to you.

I want to host a volunteer in my company. What should I do?

Please email office@tneg.nl with the title “Hosting a Volunteer” and include the following information in your email:

  • Profile of your company – brief description and website
  • Profile of volunteer – what are your expectations regarding the volunteer (education, languages spoken, experience etc)
  • Tasks/project – which kind of tasks you would like to offer to a volunteer or what would be the project for a volunteer
  • Duration – for how long you can host a volunteer
  • Any other information that can be relevant

You are welcome to send a request to us and when we have someone with suitable profile – we will let you know!