Volunteer Authors of the Course

Are you a professional in a particular field who would like to share the knowledge and skills with talented youth from around the globe? The Netherlands Education Group can offer you such an opportunity!

We are organizing short-term courses for talented individuals from different countries. Though we try to keep the price of our courses low there are still costs involved and not everyone is able to travel abroad for studies. At the same time, our audience consists of young talented individuals from Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. These are individuals who are hungry for study and learning. Together with your help, we would like to create a series of educational materials that could be shared with them to provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Create your own course on the topic of your professional knowledge

That can be anything from some general aspect of a business to a very specific field of law. You are welcome to create a course that would consist of one 30-minute video or a lot of reading materials that would be given to students. You choose the topic and the form of your course. You are welcome to give students your contact details for further communication but do not have to do it if you do not want it.

Help us to create useful learning materials for young people from developing countries! Create a course that can help them to improve themselves as leaders and contribute to the economic and social development of their communities!

From our side

  • We will spread the information about your course and provide access to it: free of charge access to participants who would like to follow.
  • We will provide the certificate issued by the Netherlands Education Group to every person who would like to complete the course.
  • As the course will be free of charge for participants – we invite volunteer authors of the courses who could design the course and share it free of charge.

Create a course for young leaders from developing countries! Establish your legacy!

How to apply

If you are interested in – please send your ideas on the course to info@tneg.nl
Indicate “Course Author” as the topic and we will be happy to discuss your ideas further.

The Netherlands Education Group is also open to considering other ways of cooperation with interested professionals.