Country: Ukraine
Skills: Experienced PC, bank software, MS Office, Google docs, excel user, presentation, able to work with office facilities
Education: National University of Dnipropetrovsk


My name is Victoria. I have been working and living in Dnipro (Ukraine). With great pleasure, I’m sending you information about myself, more details you can find in my CV and please contact me if will have any questions. I have been working as a lawyer for 8 years and had been protecting democracy from the perspective of freedom of speech and expression at a regional TV company for 5 years. As the head lawyer and main adviser to a regional TV company in Ukraine, I was involved in many cases of democratic, social, and regional political development in Dnipro. For the last 3,5 years, I worked distance with foreign IT companies from Qatar, the USA, and Cyprus. I took roles such as a Branch Manager, Lawyer, COO. I’ve been learning about new domains like software, data protection, and IP law. I was the lead on all international law concerns between Ukrainian companies and our foreign partners and clients. We released a successful social media platforms and games. For this moment, I’m looking for new opportunities for my professional and personal growth, I should try to get new experiences.

Year of Birth: 1988
Languages: Ukrainian – native, Russian – native, English – advance


  • National University of Dnipropetrovsk – Master of Laws – LLM
  • Nova Kakhovka Technical School – Bachelor – Financier


  • 03/11/2016 – till present time – COO for Dnipro
    Office of IT product companies FilmNet LLC, self-employed (Legal consulting for IT business and Media, leading of law&tax workshops). Working with Baaz inc., and Fadaat Media companies (USA and Qatar)
  • 11/2017-10/2019- Amrita Studio
    Lawyer (distance work)
  • 06/2012– 10/2016 – 11 TV Channel (Dnipropetrovsk regional TV and radio company “STERH”
    Chief Lawyer/ Head Advisor
  • 01.2013 – 06.2014 – Auto Club Ltd. (Auto)
    Legal counsel (distance work)
  • 05.2010 – 06.2012 Public joint-stock company “Private Bank” (law practice) (Bank) 
    Legal counsel
  • 01/2010 – 05/2010 – Limited Liability Company “Euroinform”
    Manager of legal, consulting group
  • 02/2009 – 08/2009 Directorate of integrated client (communal activity) (communal activity) 
    Lawyer’s assistant


  • From € 14,4 per hour

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