Two-Day Residential Trainings

About Trainings

We offer two-day residential trainings for those who want to learn the foundations of a particular professional field.

Topics we offer:

You probably heard about Agile, saw vacancies where companies are looking for people with the knowledge Agile? But what is Agile and how does it work? On a 2-day training, we will share the information about the foundations of Agile – what is it about, how does it work within the organizations and how you would apply it.

After 2 days you will definitely understand basics and be able to apply it. Moreover, the training will give you the great foundation that you can use for further studies about the methodology. We will also share the resources that you can use to learn more about Agile and deepen your knowledge in that area.

Tired of work from 9 to 5? Time to start your own business and make your own agenda for the day!
Learn more about:

  • Legal aspects of starting a business – how to register a business and get started; what are the options for legal forms and which ones could you choose.
  • Content of your start-up – how to come up with an idea and develop it; what are the stages of the development of the business; how to create a business plan.
  • Finding customers – how you can find the first customers for your business; what is special about finding the customers for the business in the Netherlands.
  • Migration regulations – if you are not an EU-citizen, we will tell you how you can use your business to receive a residence permit in order to be eligible to stay in the Netherlands and work on your business.

The training will help you to understand how you can start your own business and be successful!

More than 70% of all jobs in the Netherlands are found via the network. “Via-via” as we say! But how to create this network?

If you move to a new country or even just move to a new city within the same country, you often might face a problem – you do not know many people in a new place. You want to create a network – a professional network that could help you to find a job or a personal network that can help you to find people who share the same interests with you. But where to find those people and how to create the network?!

We will share with you some tips&tricks about finding the network. We will talk about digital as well as off-line ways to create the network. “Use Linkedin” – that’s what you often hear when someone gives you the tips about creating the network. Of course, we agree with this tip but there are many other ways to create a network that we will share with you. How to start a communication with new people? How to find “your” people? We will talk about it during the training!

Topics that we will discuss:

  • Digital channels – what are the digital channels you can use to broaden your network; how you can use those channels – what are the effective ways to turn digital contacts into real ones.
  • Offline channels – what are the offline channels for meeting people for expanding professional and personal network; how to start a communication.
  • Communication technics – what are the communication technics that you could use to create sustainable relationships and what are the mistakes that can ruin those relationships.
  • Maintaining relationships – how you can maintain relationships with people whom you do not see very often.
  • Other topics – we will ask the group to share what are the challenges they are facing in building a sustainable network and try to offer the solutions.

Many of us work or planning to work in a multi-national environment. And sometimes we might face difficulties communicating with people from other cultures. If a person from country X always talks a lot and does not stop at the moment when he/she already shared the main point – shall we interrupt the person? Would not my boss – who is from a country Y – consider it rude as in her country interrupting each other is highly uncommon?! Or if a colleague from a country Z looks always grumpy to me – does it mean she’s always unhappy or it’s just part of her culture?! Yes, we often might not understand our colleagues who come from different countries. And more often we might have miscommunications with foreign partners and customers whom we see less often. Finding your way among all those cultures is key in organizing effective communication.

We invite you on a training where we will discuss the common patterns that you can see among people from particular cultures and how you can adjust to it. We will share with your effective technics for communication with people from different backgrounds. We will invite you to share the cases you have and try to analyze them together.

The training will allow you to become more effective in communicating with people from other countries and cultures. Effective communication in the business field is the key to your professional success. Learn how to get along with your foreign colleagues and customers and advance in your career!

… And more! Among other topics are Design Thinking, Lean 6 Sigma, Project Management, Public Speaking, Dutch Business Culture.

We usually organize trainings in Amsterdam but if most of the group is from another place, we could consider another city.

Dates & Prices

Dates Price
2 Days* € 150*

* At the moment we do not have a specific date, please let us know about convenient dates

The price includes:

  • Program (including all the materials)
  • Lunches and coffee-breaks


  • You must be a Dutch resident
  • Good command of English


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