Travelling to Brussels or Paris…or Germany?

While visiting our programs in the Netherlands you can travel to Brussels or Paris for a day or two! Or even both of them! How does it work? After the training in Amsterdam or the Hague you can take a bus or train and travel to Brussels or Paris, stay there for a night and then travel back home from your final destination – Brussels or Paris. If you need a visa to enter Europe, in case you choose to travel to Brussels or Paris after the course we will provide you with a visa invitation for a longer period covering the days for the trip.

What are the prices?

Trip to Brussels after the course: € 150

On the last day of the course (for most of the courses – it’s Friday) you get the ticket to travel to Brussels. In Brussels, there is a reservation for one night at the hostel. On the next day (in most of the cases that will be Saturday) you can travel back to your country.

Trip to Paris after the course: € 250

On the last day of the course (for most courses – Friday), you check out from the accommodation in Amsterdam in the morning. The same day in the evening you take a bus to Paris. Next day in the morning you arrive in Paris. You could spend the whole day in Paris. One-night stay at the hostel is provided. On the next day (in case of the most programs it is Sunday) you can travel back to your country.

Trips to other destinations are also possible!
For example, cities in Germany – Dusseldorf, Cologne and others, Luxembourg or other destinations.

How to include this option?

If you would like to travel after the course – feel free to ask us about the prices and the options and we will be happy to provide you with all the information! Please indicate this in your application form.