Do you have a great start-up idea in your head, just waiting to be acted upon? You do not know where to start, do you? The Netherlands Education Group can help you to move to the Netherlands and launch your business here! Having the professional assistance can prevent unnecessary expenditures or missteps.

The Netherlands Education Group can assist you to apply for a 1-year Start-Up visa (with the possibility of prolongation) to come to Amsterdam and work on your start-up. See the details >>

Amsterdam is one of the international harbors for start-ups, which offers various opportunities for the development of your start-up! And this is one of the reasons why Amsterdam is so popular for founders of start-ups! Amsterdam is in top five of in the top five in three indicators intellectual capital and innovation; technology readiness; and sustainability and the natural environment (according to PwC Cities of Opportunity Index).

Are you looking for a place to implement your business idea? Amsterdam is the place! It has a great ecosystem with a lot of opportunities for developing a start-up! Click here and read about projects of StartupAmsterdam which supports a wealth of initiatives!

There are many advantages to start your business in Amsterdam:

  • convenient location of the city;
  • popular among international business companies: here you can find such companies as, Heineken, KLM, Netflix, Philips, Tesla and Uber are based here;
  • English-speaking environment;
  • prestigious universities, where you can attract talented employees.

If you want to launch a start-up in the Netherlands you are welcome to travel here and work on your idea! If you come from the country outside of EU – you can apply for a special start-up visa in the Netherlands, which allows you to stay in the Netherlands for one year and develop your start-up. Click here to learn more about visa regulations.

The Netherlands Education Group offers the support to people who would like to travel to Amsterdam and work here for the development of own start-up idea!

We can offer the following ways of assistance for you:

  • assist with applying for a start-up visa to the Netherlands;
  • provide guidance on designing a start-up;
  • mentorship which working on your idea;
  • help with relocation to the Netherlands;
  • consult on legal registration and business in the Netherlands;
  • assist with finding partners for your start-up and its development.

Any other types of assistance upon request.

Start-up village in Amsterdam

The fees for our assistance depend on the types of the assistance you need.

If you would like to know more or ask about our assistance for your start-up – feel free to contact us!

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Phone number: +31 30 879 50 55