Would you like to meet curious people who always want to learn something new? Join the SkillShare! Share your skills and become a member of a new network! 

About the program

You likely have some skills that might be interesting for other people. For example, you speak your native language. Just imagine that a lot of people have a wish to learn it!  

Or maybe you want to offer language classes but not in the classical form. You want to organize a speaking club instead where you and your students can discuss interesting and relevant topics in the chosen language? Or you have specific professional skills that you could share? Maybe you want to share some tips on public speaking or excellent presentations? Or you have more specific skills connected with your professional area. You can help people to boost their personal development! 

Choose the skills you want to share! Create a series of online sessions and… start conducting them!
You choose a convenient day and time. Decide how long the course is – 4 sessions, 10 sessions or more!

Recommended regularity of sessions: 1 session per week.
Duration of session: 1,5-2 hours. 

The project is non-commercial. It is completely voluntary and unpaid.
Participation for your students is also free of charge. 

What you get

  • Meet new people
  • Create a strong network
  • Spend a lovely time sharing the skills with other people

We regularly organize meet-up events for tutors and students who live in the Netherlands. If you live nearby, take a chance to meet more people in person and learn more about other courses as well!


The requirements for participation in the program are the following:

  • Strong knowledge and skills in the selected area
  • Be available for tuition at least 1 time per week, 4 weeks in total
  • Good command of English
  • Good communication skills

Participants of any country and any age are welcome to apply for the program.

How to apply

Please fill in the form and click “Submit” button.
There is no deadline. You can apply for the program anytime.


If you have any questions about the program – please send us an email to and indicate “SkillShare” in the subject.