Shine in English for Workplace Success

English Masterclass

Location: Online

Dates: TBC

Fee: € 120

Boost your English FLUENCY & CONFIDENCE!
Designed for B1+ learners.

Course Length: 5 sessions
Session Duration: 90 minutes
Class Size: Up to 3 students (personalized attention!)

You will learn to:

  • Be Heard & Understood: Learn how to express yourself confidently.
  • Make Your Case: Build skills to explain your ideas and discuss different viewpoints.

In each session:

  • Interactive Discussions: Plenty of chance to chat and practice.
  • Inspiring Videos: Watch engaging videos to spark ideas and boost your learning.
  • Actionable Practice: Prepare short talks for the next session to put your skills to work.

Who is the Coach?


I’m Judit Muraközy, an English Communication Coach and Fluency Architect. With over 20,000 hours of teaching experience, I’ve helped nearly 1,000 people break free from their comfort zones and become confident communicators. Forget textbooks and grammar drills. We’ll focus on real-life scenarios, practical and authentic conversations, and the confidence you need to shine in any business scenario. My clients inspire me and I help them stand out with effective and effortless communication in every business scenario. I absolutely love helping people grow. It’s such a joy working with people and seeing them achieving their goals. It’s so fulfilling to be part of their journey to success.

Ready to unleash your powerful English voice? I love helping people grow. Let’s make it happen!

Course Outline

A short look at how younger tech-savvy workers and older experienced workers might tackle their jobs differently. We’ll crack the code on their communication styles, work-life balance, and comfort with the latest tech.

We’ll explore the wild world of cross-cultural communication, where things can get seriously lost in translation. We’ll dive into six ways misunderstandings can happen when you’re talking to someone from a different background.

Forget the daily grind! The future of work is knocking on our doors, and it’s all about ditching the stuffy office and working when YOU work best. We’ll explore a whole new world of work possibilities.

Forget the glory of the solo act! In today’s work world, it’s all about teamwork. We’ll explore why strong teamwork skills are the ultimate superpower for achieving success in a collaborative environment.

Soft skills are the secret sauce that turn your technical expertise (hard skills) into a superhero combo. We’ll dive into how exactly soft skills elevate your hard skills.