No, we do not provide scholarships! Instead, we create opportunities where every person can “earn” free participation in our courses! Here you can learn more details about those opportunities.

We believe this is a more fair way to allocate a limited number of free trips that we are able to provide!

But still…

Why we do not provide scholarships?

There are reasons for this!

First, we are not a very rich organization and we offer courses for a very cheap price and that is the reason we do not have any funds that we could allocate for scholarships.

Second, we believe that participants are not always honest in their scholarship applications and the facts that are stated in those applications are not easy to check and that can lead to the fact that the scholarship goes to a person who does not deserve it.

Third, we believe the scholarships put participants in an unfair situation – the ones who have more achievements have higher chances to get scholarships but at the same situation, the ones who have less achievement might have a higher need in a scholarship.

We are willing and able to provide a few spots for participation in our programs for free! However, we are not willing to give those spots to people who can write nice letters about their achievements and how great they are. We want to give these spots to those who are willing and able to do something in return as we believe it is fairer! We provide opportunities where people can do some work for us and we would be happy to thank them by inviting to join our programs for free!

Everyone is welcome to apply for our opportunities. We do not have any age or geographical limitations. We accept the applications from everyone.

We – the Netherlands Education Group – organize short-term courses that help young people to develop their professional and personal skills and reach their full potential! Here you can find the information about our courses.

Sign up for our opportunities, complete the requested tasks and join our programs for free!