Sales Traineeship in Amsterdam (Fully Funded)

Join our Sales Traineeship Program, where you could learn, practice, and gain real professional experience!

What is this program about

We organize amazing programs for talented people from all around the world! We offer courses on various topics as well as opportunities for those who want to start their own business in the Netherlands.

The challenge we are facing now is the fact that we have centers only in three countries – the Netherlands, and Austria. Therefore we have difficulties in spreading information about our programs in other regions.

We invite active and enthusiastic people to help us to spread the information about our programs in their region and attract more participants to join our programs! We believe our programs can have a great positive impact on people’s lives in different countries! Participation in our projects can help to develop personal and professional skills, reach full potential and make great achievements in career!

We invite trainees to reach our goal together – raise awareness about our educational programs and help talented people to become recognizable!

Sales Traineeship Program consists of two stages.
In case you are selected, you join Stage 1 of the program.

Stage 1 – Duration: 9 months (Distant project)

Stage 1 consists of a set of independent blocks. In the scope of these blocks, you have to cover some learning materials and complete a particular number of tasks focused on raising awareness about our educational programs and inviting new participants to join.

This stage includes the following blocks:

  • Learning: you will be provided with online study blocks on sales, marketing, project management and some other areas
  • Information about the organization: this block is dedicated to detailed information about our organization and programs
  • Social media: you will be working in social media spreading the information about our courses. Please make sure that you have valid Facebook and LinkedIn accounts
  • Marketing: you will be making research on various platforms for marketing in your region to advertise our courses
  • Universities: you will have to contact various universities to present our programs and inviting potential participants
  • Start-up community: you will be asked to contact start-up communities from your region and invite their members to join our programs
  • Personal network: you will be using your personal network for spreading the information about our programs and inviting participants
  • Personal tasks: depending on your background and skills we will design some personal tasks for you that you during the program

You will be briefed on each block’s aim.  The block is considered to be completed if the aim is reached. After that, you will be invited to Stage 2 in Amsterdam.

Stage 2 – Duration: 3 months (Project in Amsterdam)

You will be invited to spend 3 months in Amsterdam where you will continue performing tasks. You will visit a number of organizations to learn more about their work and could develop a network. You will be able to attend some of our courses free of charge and discover particular aspects of the business. Be sure you spend an unforgettable 3 months in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and contribute greatly to your professional and personal development!

The Traineeship is UNPAID. However, in case you get to Stage 2 we cover the following costs:

  • Accommodation in Amsterdam for 3 months
  • Tickets to Amsterdam and back
  • Meals

What you get

We offer a fully-funded 3-month stay in Amsterdam! During your stay, we will provide you with accommodation and meals as well as cover the tickets from your home country to Amsterdam and back!

What will you gain during the program?

  • Learning! You will learn about different aspects of sales and management. You will advance your knowledge in project management and some other areas. This knowledge is essential for your future career in international business!
  • Network! You will gain access to a huge international network to enhance your global career!
  • Skills! You will gain new professional skills that definitely will contribute to professional development – communication, leadership, teamwork skills and more!
  • Experience! You will gain practical experience in working on international projects. You will get a deep understanding of sales within an international organization to be able to apply this to your work. Good specialists in sales are always in high demand!
  • Certificate! You will receive a certificate about the successful completion of the program
  • 3-month fully-funded stay in Amsterdam! You will be invited to spend 3 months in Amsterdam to develop your skills further


The requirements for participation in the program are the following:

  • Good knowledge of English (B1+)
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Ability to work from home for 10-15 hours per week
  • Good communication skills

Participants of any country and any age are welcome to apply for the program.

During the program, each trainee must attract at least two participants to any of our paid programs. Participants must pay for the course, get a visa, and come to the program.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the program please send us an email to and indicate “Sales Traineeship in Amsterdam” in the subject. Please include the following attachments to your email:

  • CV (in English)
  • Motivation letter (in English)
  • Your personal plan for how you can promote our courses in your country (in English)

Please note that we consider emails with all the attachments only.
There is no deadline. You can apply for the program anytime.

We receive the applications and review them usually within 3 weeks.

By submitting an application to a TNEG program you are agreeing to enroll in the program for which you applied if you are approved and accepted. Programs may require interviews, written statements, or both, before deciding to accept a student. Participant grant permission to TNEG to use his/her personal data, likeness or comments in any medium for educational, promotional, or any other purpose in furtherance of the non-profit missions of the organization. Starting the program, participant confirm that he has read and understand these conditions and agree to be bound by them.