Rooms / Hosting Families

We are looking for rooms to rent / hosting families!

We organize study programs. Participants of our study programs are individuals from abroad. They come to the Netherlands for the period of studies, they follow the program, and then they leave and travel back to their countries. We are looking for rooms / apartments / houses that we can rent for participants of these study programs.

Do you live in Amsterdam or nearby and would like to rent out a room, apartment or a house to us? Please contact us.

For how long do you need housing and when?

We are looking for housing for the period from one week to 3 months. We have people coming during the entire year. You can email us, and we will include you in our list. Then every time when we have someone coming over – we will contact you, inform about the duration and the exact dates, and you can decide if you want to accept a person or not.

Do you need rooms or the whole houses?

Both options would be fine. If you want to rent out a room only – that fine. But if you want to rent out the entire house or apartment (for example when you go for holidays) – that’s even better!

How much do you pay?

Well… depends on the area, on the period of the year and the number of people you can host. Email us the details and we will make an offer. We are open for negotiations and surely can find mutually acceptable option!

Where should be a house?

Anywhere in Amsterdam or nearby

Who are your guests?

These are people from abroad who come to the Netherlands for studies. They can be from Africa, Europe, or another region. They come to take the courses and not for parties. So usually these are well behaving people who will be happy to learn your house rules and follow them.

Will guests be at home the entire day?

They come to take the courses. So we expect that most of the time they will be with us following studies.

Do guests need to use the kitchen?

Most of the participants of our programs come for meals to our venue. But some of them prefer to have breakfast at the place where they are staying. So preferably participants would like to have access to the kitchen, but it is negotiable. If you prefer guests who will not be allowed to use a kitchen – you can let us know.

I have a room/house for you! What should I do?

Very nice! Please email us to and indicate “Room” as the topic. The more information you give us about your room / house, the better. Would be great if you could let us know:

  • Room or the whole apartment / house
  • Size
  • Address
  • Periods when you would like to rent out
  • Price that you have in mind
  • And if you can include photos – that would be great!