Radiate Success - Energy Leadership and Mindset Mastery


Location: Online

Dates: TBC

Fee: € 800

Welcome to my coaching program, where we leverage Energy Leadership (ELi by IPEC) to overcome mindset blocks and unlock your potential. Through ELi techniques, we’ll dismantle self-limiting beliefs and patterns like fear of judgment, perfectionism, procrastination, burnout, and a lack of fulfilment. By managing your energy and shifting perspective, you’ll cultivate resilience, confidence, and authenticity. Join me in embracing possibility, transforming setbacks into opportunities, and creating a life aligned with your aspirations.

Who is the Coach?


Deepa is a life & leadership coach based out of the Netherlands. She has coached over 6000 plus hours. Her passion is to help people discover their true potential. She has worked with a number of individuals experiencing major life transitions, embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, looking to enhance their career, job performance and helping them to be the best version of themselves. Her background is from the insurance and media sectors, where she led multiple teams and developed her leadership skills. Eventually she found her calling as an entrepreneur & life coach and loves every minute of interacting with people from diverse backgrounds.


Explore feelings of fraudulence and behaviours that hinder success, such as negative self-talk and avoidance of challenges.
Examine the pursuit of flawlessness, its consequences like anxiety and low self-esteem, and learn strategies to embrace imperfection.
Duration : 2-2.5 hours

Description: Identify core values guiding decisions, and differentiate between authentic values and those driven by fear or external expectations.
Duration -2-2.5 hours

Description: Understand the psychological factors behind procrastination and learn effective goal-setting techniques to overcome it.
Duration :2-2.5 hours

Description: Gain insight into different energy states influencing thoughts and behaviours, from destructive to constructive, and explore strategies for elevating energy levels.
Duration :2-2.5 hours