My Journey to the Netherlands

By Samuel Ekpo, Drs.

This article is written to provide general information to international students seeking admission to the Netherlands with a possibility of getting a scholarship.

Kindly be informed that different countries have their visa regulations, however, in my case I applied from my home country; Nigeria,  in  2010. I received NFP scholarship for my Master’s programme to study Theology at Radboud University in Nijmegen.

Back then, it was called the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP).  The programme has been renamed OKP scholarship (Orange Knowledge Programme).

The Steps:

  • If you plan to follow postgraduate studies in the Netherlands, e.g a master’s, of course you will need to graduate with your Bachelors.
  • Then, browse to search for related programmes/studies in the Netherlands.
  • When you have spotted a course of your interest, then write to the school, search the school’s website to follow the admission requirements.
  • If you plan to apply for a scholarship, in the admission form you may indicate your interest. Watch out for the deadline to submit forms.
  • When you have been offered admission, sometimes, the scholarship comes together. It depends on the university and programme you plan to study.
  • Once you have been offered admission with scholarship your details will be sent to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherland at your home country.
  • You will need to legalize documents at the ministry of foreign affairs at your home country.
  • Once these procedures are done, your visa to the Netherlands will be ensured, the international office at your university will send your air ticket, usually, and your arrival might be in mid-August, to join the orientation week and get to meet new friends. Then, in September starts the new academic year. I wish you success in your applications.
  • For more details visit:


One of the instruments offered by the Orange Knowledge Programme are the individual scholarships, which are open to mid-career professionals who are nationals of -and living and working in the following countries:

Country list for Short courses and Masters Orange Knowledge Programme*

• Afghanistan
• Mozambique
• Albania
• Myanmar
• Armenia
• Nepal
• Bangladesh
• Nicaragua
• Benin
• Niger
• Bhutan
• Nigeria
• Bolivia
• Pakistan
• Burkina Faso
• Palestinian Territories
• Burundi
• Peru
• Cambodia
• Philippines
• Colombia
• Rwanda
• Congo (DRC)
• Senegal
• Cuba
• Sierra Leone
• Egypt
• Somalia
• Ethiopia
• South Africa
• Georgia
• South Sudan
• Ghana
• Sri Lanka
• Guatemala
• Sudan
• Guinea
• Surinam
• India
• Tanzania
• Indonesia
• Thailand
• Jordan
• Uganda
• Kenya
• Vietnam
• Lebanon
• Yemen
• Liberia
• Zambia
• Mali
• Zimbabwe¹


¹*Version 1 (January 2019) – This version applies to Apri 2019 deadlines for individual OKP scholarships