Country: Nigeria
Skills: Programming/Software Development using Python, Java, SQL, Javascript, Application Support – Unix administration, Windows server administration, log trailing, and troubleshooting, Advanced Data Analysis using Excel, PowerBI, R and Python, Creation of dashboards for interacting with data, General system administration and IT Consulting
Education: Obafemi Awolowo University, Lancaster University

I am a data scientist and software developer with a multi-disciplinary skill set that cuts across mathematics, statistics, data analytics, programming and predictive analytics. I am interested in job roles that present analytically challenging situations and harness my full potentials while I aim at the highest efficiency levels, in an organisation that makes the best use of talent, motivates and rewards excellent performance.

Having worked with tools such as Python, Java, SQL, R, MatLab, PL/SQL and UNIX command line tools for more than 4 years, I specialise in analysing large, complex data systems, spreadsheets and databases and in extracting actionable insights and knowledge from large volumes of data whether structured or unstructured. The website below (https://mot.scraperwiki.com/) is one example of a project I carried out using Python, PostgreSQL database and web development tools. Another is my implementation of a multi-node, load-balanced task-processing distributed system using Java.

Armed with a Master’s in Data Science, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a versatile industry experience developing and managing critical software and data management systems, I have the background and skills to construct and improve technology solutions that will turn information into revenue for your company.

Year of Birth: 1986
Languages: English – fluent




  • € 6-12 per hour

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