Our Trainers

All our programs are delivered by real professionals! We are working with a vast group of professional trainers - all of them are excellent experts in their areas.

Here you could find information about some of them.


Yan Zappone

Yan is an “Applied Creative Thinker “, CEO and consultant for House14 Ltd. He was born in Luxembourg with Italian heritage from his fathers side. As early adopter of IT in the 90’s and his passion for engineering his career prospered in managing up to 1bn civil engineering projects with strong focus on mobility, infrastructure, operational and subsequently project management. After his engineering degree, he studied economics at Manchester University and lives with his Hungarian girlfriend in Amsterdam. Beside his consulting and startup operations he finds passion in teaching and growing people to their potential which translates in participating in multiple training programs for youth and young entrepreneurs. Since 2018 he is part of the Netherlands Education Group and teaches Cultural Dimensions, Leadership Principles, Marketing theories, Business Strategy.

Thodoris Bais

Thodoris works as a Scrum Master for ABN Amro bank and contributes to the prosperity of the (software) community in several ways. He is the Founder & Leader of Utrecht Java User Group, which counts more than 2500 members and has hosted exceptional speakers (where among others, James Gosling and Uncle Bob). Besides, he helps new communities make their first steps. Thodoris is passionate about motivation and mindset and that’s why he gives Leadership training, but also offers personalized coaching; to unleash the full potential of individuals. Previously: 5 years of Software Engineering, 2 years as a Technical Author, Open-source Contributor.

Lana Jelenjev

Co-founder of Co.LAB, a training and community platform for creative and innovative entrepreneurs, transformational leaders, NGOs and community cultivators and co-author of the book “Make Great Things Happen: The 90 Day Action Planner”. Lana Jelenjev provides support in various areas related to ideation, curriculum design, community building and personal development. Lana is also active in non-profit work. She is passionate about building communities, creating impact and owning the presence we bring in the room. If not creating disruptive models on entrepreneurship or managing online communities, Lana can fully immerse herself on personal development books or in writing poetry.

Aliaksej Burnosenka

Youth-trainer and business-trainer since 1999, certified Coaching specialist, with about 10 000 training hours fulfilled as a trainer. Project-mamager and head of the NGO "DiGrease's Buffoon Theatre", co-founder of several NGOs. business-consultant, sociologist with a great experience in event-management, fundraising, and art-management. expert in presentation and communication skills, leadership, project management and creativity. Youth-leader and practicioner of "Youth In Action" and "Erasmus+" programs. Being originally from Belarus, Aliaksej Burnosenka has a great interest in art and theatre, he loves hitch-hiking travelling, biking and mountains. He launched several kids programs and organized a dozen of summer camps for youth and kids.

Matteo Pasquini

PMI - PMP certified with a MSc from the University of Pisa. Founding partner of Solwa s.r.l., founding partner and chair at 7MRP Theatre group - The Hague and Patent Examiner at EPO. Matteo has a solid professional experience in technology assessment and business development gained working for: Rolls-Royce (UK), ENI (Italy), Solwa (Italy), Dong Energy (Denmark) and EPO (Netherlands). He is passionate about theatre and has studied acting and theatre techniques with: F. de Lima (The Hague), Punchdrunk (London), N. Harvey (Munich) and B. Sisk (Venice). Since 2014 he has being training students and professionals in leadership development and theatrical techniques for stage and for business.

Jonathan Singh-Evans

Jonathan is a founder of the Social Economy Research network and both an entrepreneur and researcher, completing PhD level postgraduate study remotely from the Netherlands since 2018 living in The Hague. Born in Wales, UK, Jonathan researches entrepreneurship to then teach it (special focus on social enterprise), and has a real interest in ecosystems and business modelling since completing his Masters in Social and Community Development in Belfast in 2011. His passion is to engage with entrepreneurship ecosystems in challenging environments. A creative trainer who challenges participants to think critically about their business ideas. In his free time Jonathan walks his dog Flick and works on events at co-working space The Hague Humanity Hub.

Lidia Luzanova

Based in Russia, Lidia Luzanova is a professional facilitator, trainer, and Soft Skills coach with over 5 years’ experience of coaching business owners, managers at different levels and team leaders, with a Wide range of specialities including delivering/leading nearly over hundreds of workshops and trainings on soft skills development , on leadership, Emotional intelligence, Change Management, communications, negotiation strategies and team building methodologies… Lidia holds a Degree in International Relations and is trained certified coach from Erickson Coaching International (CCE) and International Coach Federation (ACSTH). Passionate about guiding people to deliver high performance and developing a continuous improvement, Lidia enjoys creating and finding solutions to unusual situations; and often uses her children as a source of inspiration and continual lifelong learning.

Andy Nijs

Andy is a passionate coach and trainer who empowers individuals to unlock their personal power. He has worked more than 16 years in fast-paced, global corporations across Europe. He has held senior roles across different departments. Andy's experience stretches across a wide variety of organisations including luxury goods, retail, contact centres and fast-moving consumer goods. Together with The Netherlands Education Group, he helps to discover individuals' own purposes, potential and authentic version of success.


Dr. Ankita

Dr. Ankita is a highly accomplished and versatile professional with a vast range of expertise in the fields of economics, finance, business, statistics, research, law, and data analysis. With a Ph.D. in Economics, an MBA degree, and a qualification as a Company Secretary, she has worked in various roles throughout her career, including as an Assistant Professor, Trainer, Researcher, Analyst, Subject Expert, and Mentor.


Julie Taylor

With extensive experience in 2 of the 5 largest banks in the UK, Julie brings with her a wealth of project management and continuous improvement knowledge. She has been nominated for awards by the Netherlands British Chamber of commerce and is co-owner for a small business community dedicated to support small businesses. In summer 2022 she started her own networking business as Queen Bee of Buzz Business Networking, whilst also supporting and mentoring startups though accountability coaching. Julie has been part of The Netherlands Education Group since 2022, loves to get to meet students from many backgrounds and cultures and teaches project management, entrepreneurship, international development, training for future leaders, & communications.