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Are you looking for someone who could provide you with quality support for a fair price? Today it is difficult to predict what specialist you might need tomorrow. Virtual Assistants are a great alternative to long-term employment contracts. You can take a part-time or full-time Virtual Assistant who will take care of all the assigned tasks online. There is a vast scope of tasks that Virtual Assistants could perform – from customer service, translations to comprehensive programming, creating awesome websites, project management, etc. And you do not have to pay much for it! You can hire a Virtual Assistant who will provide a high-quality service for an attractive rate!

Who are Virtual Assistants?

Imagine a staff working for you from another location. You never meet them in person but have regular communication via skype, email, or phone calls. They carry out the same tasks as your regular employees do.

What do we offer?

We offer Virtual Assistants who can perform almost any task you need to be done remotely. You don’t have to be bound by an employment contract and therefore experience difficulties in case you change the way of doing business or suspend a project. Each Virtual Assistant is hired for a particular job/task/project and there is no need to sign long-term agreements.

Our Virtual Assistants are qualified experts from different countries. Mostly we work with Eastern European countries but also have network in other regions. We work with a large pool of specialists who can offer their services in various areas – Administrative work, IT, Legal Services, Financial analysis, etc. Our Virtual Assistants are experienced professionals and most of them are with university degrees. Some of them have Ph.D. and MBA.

It doesn’t matter what country you are from – we will find the right person for you depending on your search criteria! We offer both full-time and part-time specialists.

List of Services

  • IT Services – various services from Website Development, UX/UI to Sophisticated programming and Cybersecurity.
  • Digital Marketing – SEO, SMM, Email, PPC and other specialists for a fair price
  • Market Research – market research of a chosen field in a chosen region.
  • Administrative work – creating and running databases, data analysis, preparing reports, searching, travel support, etc.
  • Translations – we have a large network of qualified translators in various countries. Any language.
  • Customer Service – Virtual Assistants would be available for customer services – via email, skype, or phone.
  • Project Management – we offer experienced specialists in the sphere of Project Management. Upon request, we can provide an assistant with PMP certification.
  • Other Tasks – please let us know if you are looking for a specific remote task performer.

How to find a Virtual Assistant?

You can find a suitable virtual assistant who can perform the work with the highest quality and for the most affordable rates in the following ways:

  • Search in our Database. You can search for a virtual assistant by yourself, contact the right person directly, and discuss the possible work.
  • Email us with your requirements. Please indicate “Request for a Virtual Assistant” in the subject. Send us the details of the assignment and we will find a suitable candidate for you and will put you in touch. This service does not have any additional fee – you will be asked to pay the fee of the virtual assistant after you confirm him/her for the job done.


One and the most obvious advantage of hiring Virtual Assistants – it is cost-saving. If you need to hire a new full-time employee in addition to the salary you need to provide office space, social package, sick leaves, and other payments. When you hire a Virtual Assistant – you only need to provide the payment for actual work done.

Another major benefit – Virtual Assistants can provide a higher quality of work. In a country like the Netherlands, the minimum salary is € 1600 per month. Hardly any university graduate would work for that amount. But if you are looking for a Virtual Assistant for 20-40 hours per week – you can find a person with a university degree who will be able to provide a high quality of work for less money. We employ professionals from countries with lower incomes. You will be surprised how professional and educated these specialists could be!

You hire highly qualified employees for much less payment than your usual staff and you save other costs as well – on office space, lunch breaks, etc. You pay only for the actual working hours.

What are the benefits of using virtual assistance in your work? The exact benefits depend on the nature of work, type of business, and project but we believe there are some universal benefits that everyone gets from the involvement of Virtual Assistants. To sum up, those benefits include but not limited to:

  • Low Costs – hiring talents from developing or low-income countries is a guarantee of the lower costs for your commitments. Also, you don’t have to provide office space or lunch breaks to Virtual Assistants – they work from their home offices
  • Pay per hour – you pay only for the working hours spent on your task
  • No extra fees – no need for social benefits, vacation payment, etc. You only pay for working hours
  • High Quality – Virtual Assistants are thoroughly selected so we can ensure the performance on a very high level
  • Quick search – you can quickly find Virtual Assistant
  • Suitable for short-term tasks/projects – Virtual Assistants are perfect for short-term tasks when you don’t want to hire the whole team for the project but can only take a couple of Virtual Assistants to do all the job

Profiles & Rates

Click here to access our Virtual Assistants Profiles:

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Hourly rate depends on the type of work/project, amount of working hours, qualification of Virtual Assistant. It is difficult to give the table with exact rates for exact jobs as the character of work is very different. But to give an idea we can say that hourly rates begin from 6 euro per hour and grow depending on the complexity of the task.

The fee for each assistant is indicated in the respective profile. There are no additional commissions or one-time payment for you – you are only asked to pay the hourly fee for the number of hours spent by a particular assistant.

The fees are indicated without a tax – VAT. In the Netherlands VAT is 21% and therefore 21% will be added for the final amount for the services.

If you need an assistant for a project but don’t know how many hours that would take, you can contact a particular assistant from a database and discuss time and conditions. After that, you could make a decision about hiring this assistant or not.

All payments are going via the Netherlands Education Group.

  • For the assignments (projects) up to 200 hours, we ask to transfer 30% before the start of the assignment (project). In the middle of the assignment (project), we ask to transfer 50%, and the remaining 20% must be paid at the end of the assignment.
  • For the projects longer than 200 hours you have to provide payment once a month.
  • In order to guarantee the quality of work, the assistant receives the last 20% only in 14 days after the completion of the assignment (project). We give you this period of time to control the quality and giving feedback to us if you have any comments.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, you can ask the assistant to redo the work. Only after successful completion of the task, the remaining 20% will be transferred to the assistant.

We work with talented specialists and offer very attractive rates! Anyway, you save money.
You are welcome to email us with the detailed search criteria and description of work and we will be happy to provide the exact rates!

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For some people, it is just a term used in the reports but for us, it is a way of working!

We believe that providing jobs for candidates from low-income countries we contribute to the development of those countries and being socially responsible.

We believe the work we do is not just helping companies to have their work done cheaper and with better quality. We support talented professionals in different countries who are willing to work! And we invite other companies to join us!

We invite companies to join our educational programs. We provide educational programs in The Netherlands, Russia, and Austria at very attractive fees to help people from any country to contribute to their professional development. We invite companies which also have an interest in providing such educational programs to the cooperation.

Contact Us

Here you could see all our Virtual Assistants profiles.

You could use the form in each profile and contact a particular specialist.
If you still have any other questions related to this topic – please send an email to and let us know what services you are interested in. Please, indicate your email with ‘Request for a Virtual Assistant” in the subject.