Refugees in the Netherlands

More and more people nowadays are interested in learning more about refugee asylum in another country. What are the rules of receiving a refugee asylum and what are the rights of refugees? We offer you the consultation on legal aspects of a refugee asylum in the Netherlands.

What are the advantages of receiving a refugee asylum in the Netherlands?

  • Residency in the Netherlands
  • Working permit
  • Receiving subsidized education
  • In case of difficulties with finding a job – unemployment benefits (around € 1000 per month per person)

You can read more information about the application for a refugee asylum on the official website of the migration service of the Netherlands.

What do we offer?

We offer you a consultation with all legal aspects to answer your questions about the refugee asylum in the Netherlands:

  • What are the conditions that allow you to receive a refugee asylum?
  • How is it possible to organize travelling to the Netherlands to receive a refugee asylum?
  • Do you qualify for refugee asylum in the Netherlands?
  • Other relevant questions

Recently more and more people travel to the Netherlands and apply for a refugee asylum. However, most of them do not receive a refugee asylum and have to return back to their country. In many cases it might lead to the ban to entry to Europe for the following years. We recommend checking in advance if you are eligible for the refugee status before organizing the trip.


The fee for the consultation is € 250.

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