Healthy Ice-Cream


The project is engage into providing a product with pure ingredients at a reasonable price. Its mission is to make and serve a delicious and healthy product such as the “NutsCoc Ice cream” as a delicacy offering alternative solutions to human health care needs.

The NutsCoc Ice cream envisions itself as one of the leading food producers in the food industry serving nutritious and outstanding quality of products and services. The product shall be an alternative for foods that are unhealthy and must ensure that it would contribute to a health conscious society.

Goals and Objectives

  • To be a well-known maker/producers of healthy Ice cream.
  • To give a new flavor of Ice cream.
  • To increase the demand of healthy products in the market thus promoting a healthy type of
  • To improve nutrition among people through making desserts with nutritional contents.
  • To provide a safe, enjoyable and health promoting environment for the consumption of

Author: RYAD ALSELWI, Yemen