MBA Cross-Boundary Between Talent Student and Qualitative Work

Evolution of MBA

Globalization has shaped the contours of business. Global social, political, and economic issues require gradual critical thinking. The MBA Degree, awarded around the world, is an advanced program on major business disciplines and the big picture topics of tomorrow’s future. It’s also a development of the Netherland Education Group in Future, which forms part of our accumulated credentials as it originally started in 1930, the USA  at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) because of the industrial requirement for the employee to be professionally experienced in the task and have leadership skills. Then, MBA begins to be known and be accredited by most of the universities and business schools around the world as the figure below  showing that:


The biggest growth in recent years has been in part-time and distance MBAs which allow more students to continue working at the same time and meet new leaders of the world in business and economic change.

According to Rahul Choudaha, GMAC’s, “the data reveals that there is a return to pre-pandemic levels” based on hiring predictions and portions of what recruiters are saying. “And while Covid has turned the world upside down, demand for graduate management expertise is rebounding at a much faster rate than expected.


There has been increased interest in executive MBA programs in Netherlands Education Group – which it been the most concern to establish the program and train new leaders with the recent pandemic of Covid-19 and how it reflects on the world economy.

In this economic crisis, Netherlands group education has to adapt the most modern teaching and training for new leaders with the most skills they can get.

The curriculum, designed for experienced learners, talented individuals, focuses on leadership, processes, strategies, and sustainability in developed and emerging economies – skills related to career advancement and planning.

The MBA program covers a selection of major specializations depending on the highest demand on the market and job description in the current time and future, most of the selections are international business, general management, marketing, operation management, finance, IT management, human resource, entrepreneurship, consulting, engineering, medicine, health care and management of strategy.

Netherlands Education Group selected a master’s degree in business administration for five primary reasons:


As the talented student knew those reasons he will understand the purpose of the MBA program, especially with these days as one of the factors of MBA is a case study: (Looking back on a business problem a company faced and analyzing how they dealt with the recent pandemic. But as leaders around the world learned this year, nothing we’ve done in the past could have prepared us to deal with a global pandemic).

The graduated student will gate many advantages of taking an MBA

1. Career development

The employee who has an MBA qualification can easily be promoted to a higher-level position comparing to the skilled employed who has not MBA in the same organization.

2. A Competitive edge guarantees

People who got the MBA have a competitive edge over those who do not, even if the other has more skills, or is professional in their work because they are missing the leadership skills or managerial skills. So, MBA graduates easily can find a suitable job in a high position and get hired.

3. Relationships with professional

Build professional relationships with the leaders, creators, businessmen, companies by meeting them, and hear the stories of their success and achievement.

4. Career flexibility to change

Taking MBA provides flexibility to change into a different industry such as consulting industry, freelancer, financial with higher salaries and better positions.

5. Managerial Skills

MBA graduates gain experience in management and leading during their study and practice by developing more skills in real life to solve the situation with other employees and lead the organization.

6. Personal benefit

This program leads more to the comfort zone and gives the chance of changing from a normal employee in the organization to leading others. Besides building self-confidence.

Thus, Netherland Education Group has specialized the program to five main specializations:

  • Sustainability
  • Marketing around the world
  • Enabling E-Commerce (begin a high-level conversation on e-commerce policies and practices that can benefit small businesses)
  • Robotics, IoT, and Advanced AI & the Future of Automation
  • Managing Hyperconnectivity ( more relationships in business and leading around the world )

MBA Next Step

Indeed, everyone seeking to develop his/her career and improve his/her skill would ask if MBA has a future? Is adopting the new change of the world in that crisis and pandemic? What can help me in the future? To answer that kind of question, Netherlands Education Group is focusing on real-time learning and connecting all the leaders around the world to share this experience, exposing their recent solutions to face the Covid-19 impact in the business.

Recruitment numbers for MBAs are very positive even with Covid-19, and so are the projections for master in accounting, master of management, master of data analysis, and master of finance. The effect of the pandemic on graduate business education seems to be fading and rapidly comparing to other graduate students.

No one can deny there’s a big word of caution, which applies not only to the demand for MBA but also for the economy: “the uncertainty persists”. And there are ways by which the organizations continuing to monitor and hedge themselves. And likewise, Netherlands education monitoring and adapting to the changing situation. So the word of caution to be looked for is the continuing need for adaptation and continuing need for being flexible so that graduate students can be more responsive to these changing situations.



by EBRAHIM ALI Abdo, Malaysia (Participant of Sales Traineeship Program)