Legal Assistance


We offer high quality legal services in different fields. We also help to find solutions to the legal issues. Our approach is to combine up-to-date legal knowledge and skills with good client care to deliver advice in a useful way.

Lawyers of Stichting Libertas International strive to employ best practices. Our professionals provide attentive and personalized legal assistance: from giving individual consultations to representing your interests in court.

In case you need any kind of legal services, we are happy to assist!

Stichting Libertas International employs lawyers who have cross-country education and experience. Our lawyers can assist with solving legal matters when there are multiple jurisdictions involved. They also can help foreigners who try to understand the regulations in the country.

We specialize in international cases and involve professionals from different countries. We offer various legal services, which include but not limited to:

  • draft documents (appeals, official letters, applications and etc.);
  • assist in registration in the country;
  • solve visa issues on entry/stay in the country;
  • provide information about the immigration regulations;
  • consult on legislation issues;
  • defend a client in court;
  • communicate with another party on your behalf.

We offer legal services in the Netherlands and Russia.

We provide the legal service in Dutch, English or Russian. Translation to other languages might be available upon request.

If you require legal assistance – please call us +31 30 879 50 55 or email

You can find our client reviews below. Please note, due to the privacy of our customers and the sensitivity of the cases we deal with – we provide the reviews without mentioning their last names.

I came to the Netherlands to apply for a refugee asylum. I was provided with a government lawyer who was supposed to take my case and help me with my application. However, this person did not demonstrate any interest in my case and was quite unprofessional. Then I heard about Stichting Libertas International. I contacted them and asked for a lawyer to represent my case.

Lawyers of Stichting Libertas International are not just professionals, they show empathy to their clients that I find very important especially in cases like mine.



I wanted to come to the Netherlands and start my business. I have read a lot on the Internet about the regulations, however, still did not have a clear understanding about what, where and how. I emailed the Stichting Libertas International with my questions and received clear answers on all the questions I have had!

Professional, quick and reliable!



I live in Kenya and the father of my kid is Dutch. That made really difficult for me to apply for child maintenance. I contacted the Stichting Libertas International and was happy that they can represent my interests without my presence in the Netherlands.

Thanks a lot for helping me out!



I am an international student in Amsterdam. I was renting a room in the city and when I was going to leave…the owner refused to give my deposit back! Some people just see that you are a foreigner and not aware of your rights and use it against you. Fortunately, someone recommended me to contact a lawyer. I was looking for a lawyer but most of the law firms I have called charged the fee, which was higher than my deposit. At the end, I found Stichting Libertas International, which solved my issue at an affordable cost! Thanks a lot, guys!