Join the Netherlands Education Group! Become our Learner!

The Netherlands Education Group organizes study programs in the field of business and personal development; foreign languages and improving the communication skills. We are launching a program where we invite people who are interested in our work to become members of our community. We invite you to join regular webinars on the topics of jobs abroad, study opportunities, development of communication skills, public speaking, leadership, entrepreneurship, and others. These webinars will be free of charge. We will invite you to get active and become a representative of our community!

We invite you to become a Learner of the Netherlands Education Group.

As a Learner you will be able:

  • To attend weekly webinars on interesting topics
  • To know about opportunities abroad
  • To receive personal guidance for your international career path
  • To use special offers on our programs
  • To have a chance to win a trip to Amsterdam for free

Learners are significant parts of our community. We invite you to become a Learner to participate in our programs and get to know our organization better. This is the program where we invite motivated and enthusiast individuals to join us and become our active members.

You are welcome to become our Learner if you:

  • Speak English at the level that is enough to follow webinars
  • Motivated to learn
  • Have access to Internet
  • Passionate about education

How to apply?

If you want to become our Learner – please email office@tneg.nl with your CV and motivation letter and indicate “Learner” as a topic.

Becoming a Learner is free of charge.

Applicants from any countries are welcome to apply. There are no age restrictions for becoming a Learner.