Welcome Intern of the Month - Nour Hatem Mohamed!

Nour Hatem Mohamed

Nour Hatem Mohamed is 21 years old. He is from Egypt. Nour is an orthopedic technician and works as an assistant to an orthopedic surgeon. He has a lot of diplomas, certificates, and big potential. During his fellowship (5 months of work), he showed the best results, perseverance, and responsibility.

From the very beginning of his formation, he was not indifferent to work and good deeds. In high school, he worked extensively with his local Habitat for Humanity branch to help build homes for low-income families and they helped to deliver meals and gifts to patients at a local hospital. He also participated in summer camp for children who have lost a parent and organize a summer reading program to encourage kids to read.

After school, he immersed himself in medicine, completed courses, and received diplomas with excellent grades. Nour says, “I look forward to studying medicine abroad at a respectful university I know that being a medical professional is a challenge, starting from the extensive studies and especially because of the true meaning of it. This profession means that we must be prepared to deal with the patient’s life, it could allow me to help people, cure their injuries, and even save lives, there’s nothing better than seeing people joyful and healthy, for these reasons I insist on joining this field.”

For our company, he performed tasks of various kinds, was always responsible in terms of deadlines, and proactive. He made friends from all over the world, communicated with a large number of partners and got an unforgettable experience. The intern himself says that he does not regret for a minute that he applied for the internship, and believes that this experience will greatly help him to realize himself as a professional.

We want to finish his inspiring story with his words, “I want to say that I enjoy helping others without waiting for the tribute I’m always trying to learn new things and teach others.”