Welcome Intern of the Month - Hadeel Abdullah Gafer!

Hadeel Abdullah Gafer

Hadeel Abdullah Gafer is a motivated woman from Saudi Arabia with a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in management information systems. During her studies, she focused on acquiring a good balance between technical and managerial skills.

Hadeel Abdullah Gafer gained knowledge in quantitative methods of business, Advanced business programming, operations management, financial management, money and banking, decision support systems, business intelligence, the principle of accounting, statistical analysis, the principle of macroeconomics.

She is deeply interested in European economic integration and the EU itself which is why she wants to gain training experience in Europe, which has the best education systems and the largest market in the world.

Then she came to our programs. During the internship, she completed many tasks connected with business administration, communication with partners, analysis of big amounts of data and other tasks. Hadeel Abdullah Gafer helped us a lot that is why we can tell that she is an intern of this month. We really appreciate her work and wish her good luck in her career!