Intensive English Language Course in Moscow

 Open Dates: Any (Discussed Individually)

icon_price_fee_euro  Price: from € 450

Do you want to improve your English and spend some time in another country? Then we invite you to join Intensive English Language Course organized by the Netherlands Education Group!

The course consists of a series of individual lessons and additional activities where you can practice your knowledge and improve speaking skills. The lessons are customized especially for you taking into account your level and learning needs. We will help you to improve your language skills in a short time!

Join the course and spend a great time in a lovely place, meet great people and improve your English!

What you need

  • You need English urgently to find a new job and build a successful career, and there is no time for long-term courses
  • You need speaking practice, but there is no opportunity to go abroad to “tighten” English
  • You tried to learn English many times, but still do not speak English fluently
  • You want to move to another country

What we offer

It is well known that the best way to improve English is to dive into a foreign environment where you will be able to practice. Within this program, we combine English classes with immediate practice – opportunities to use English. You will take lessons and then can go out to the city and practice what you have learnt.

We offer:

  • Individual approach
  • Intensive schedule based on the principle of changing activities
  • Professional trainers-linguists, native speakers
  • Game format!

After the course:

  • You will increase your language proficiency by 1 level
  • You will make  a full reboot of existing knowledge and increase the vocabulary up to 1500 new words and expressions
  • You will overcome the “language barrier” and be able to freely express your thoughts in English without cramming
  • You will improve your business communication skills in English, learn self-presentation and effective teamwork
  • You will meet new people and start practising immediately
  • You will get great pleasure during the whole learning process!


The course takes place in Troitsk, New Moscow, where you can find everything for productive learning English with a full “immersion” in the language environment and recreation.

Every weekday from Monday to Friday you will have 2 English classes per day.
Duration of a class is 1 hour.

Total per day: 2 hours

For an extra fee, you can request extra lessons, but our experience shows that 2 hours per day can provide high effectiveness of a learning process and there is no need for extra lessons. In addition to the lessons, we offer different activities every weekday so you could practice your language skills – sightseeing tours, excursions, guided city walks, meetups, visits to various organizations etc.

Different activities follow each other, so you will not feel tired during the day. The course is conducted by teachers-linguists who have passed strict selection. They all are native speakers.

What is the process?

Before your arrival we ask you about your learning needs – why would you like to improve English and what exactly you would like to achieve. You might be invited for a skype conversation with us. After the conversation, we will design the structure of the lessons accordingly.

You will also take a test in order to determine your level.

The Basic course is focused on General English to improve speaking skills, grammar or both (you can choose). You could also pay attention to Business English or another specialized field. If you are looking for something very special – please mention it in your application form.

We also offer classes focused on International English Tests preparation – IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge and others. We recommend taking 2-step learning – first improve General English and only then start a specialized preparation for the particular international English test.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate confirming your English language level.

Accommodation and Meals

A modern comfortable training center in the south of Moscow (so-called New Moscow area). You will sleep and have sessions at the same building! The training center consists of 8 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a large common room for the sessions. In addition to the standard facilities, the training center is equipped with Jacuzzi and fireplace, terrace and other facilities which will make the stay comfortable.

The training center in New Moscow is not just a building! It was constructed with the intention to give you the feeling of being at home! Fully equipped kitchen and the place for BBQing are also available. In case of the good weather, the outside area can be used as well.

The stay at the training center in New Moscow provides unique experience enhancing the learning process!

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks) is not included in the basic price. You can add this option for an additional price.
Extra nights could be added for an additional fee. Please let us know in advance if you arrive earlier or depart later so we could check the availability.

Dates and Price

Dates* Price
5-day program: start on Sunday and finish on Friday € 450
12-day program € 750
1-month program € 1300
3-months program € 2900

*The course is individual so it will be arranged especially for you upon request. You can email us and let us know the exact dates when you would like to have the course. Almost any dates would be possible.

The price includes:

  • Program and materials
  • Accommodation (in the comfortable training center in Moscow)
  • Visa Invitation Letter
  • Certificate

The tickets to and from Moscow are not included in the price.

  • Transfer from/to the airport (one-way): € 100
  • Single room occupation: € 190 per 1 week / € 380 per 2 weeks / € 760 per 1 month / € 2280 per 3 months
  • Meals (3 times a day): € 250 per 1 week / € 500 per 2 weeks / € 1000 per 1 month / € 3000 per 3 months
  • One Extra Class: € 50


Nationals of most of the countries need a visa to enter Russia. If you are not sure if you need a visa – you could check it here or send us an email.

We are sending a standard visa invitation letter after receiving pre-payment for the course. Usually, we need up to 25 days to get visa invitation for non-EU citizens in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia. For EU-citizens this process may be faster. Please note the visa invitation letter is not a visa - you have to go to the Russian Consulate and apply for a visa.

Together with the visa invitation, you have to collect other documents (usually a passport, passport size photo, filled application form etc.). Please check the website of the local Russian Consulate to see the full list of required documents. Here you find your local Consulate.

Plan your trip carefully! We strongly recommend applying for the course as early as possible (in 1,5-2 or more months before the course starts) to have time for the visa application process.

Step 1

Contact the local Russian Consulate as soon as possible to make an appointment for a visa. In some cases, you can only make an appointment 1-2 months in advance.

Step 2

Collect all the required documents together with a visa invitation letter from us (we need up to 25 days to send it), fill in a visa application form and submit it on the date of appointment.

Usually, it takes about 1-2 weeks to receive a visa after the moment you submit your visa application. Visa fee varies depending on the country where you apply.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist at any stage of your application!


If you can't submit a form - just send an email to the following address:
Please indicate the “Intensive English Language Course in Moscow” in the subject and provide the following information in the body of the email:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Your learning needs and goals
  • Convenient course duration and dates
  • Other wishes

We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the program.
In case of any questions regarding the program – feel free to send us an e-mail – or call us +31 85 401 89 52