How to Start Your Business (Online course)

  Start Date: 1 October 2020

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Is this time for challenges and changes? Time to change your career path and do something you really like? It is time to start your own business! Learn how to launch your first start-up. Step by step we will guide you through different stages from creating ideas to set a real business.

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The course consists of 10 online sessions on different aspects of starting a business. Between of sessions, you will be provided with various study materials – videos, reading and others. Moreover, you will instantly practice what you have learnt by performing assignments.

There is one session per week and 5-20 hours for homework. Each session with the tutor lasts 1,5-3 hours. Some sessions can be divided into two shorter sessions and conducted by different tutors.

After some sessions, the homework could take less than 5 hours and after some others – more than 20 hours. In most of the cases, you have to prepare your homework before the session and email it to the tutor. You will be receiving feedback on your homework via email and also during the sessions.

Arguments for and against own business. Introducing your background. Going through the journey to find out your real passion because whatever you do, if you follow your passion – you will always win!

Homework: materials about determining your passion; assignment in order to determine your passion.

Sharing your passion and finding relevant ideas for a start-up. Do you already have one? Great! Then you can reveal your existing idea during the course.

The aim of the program is helping to start a business not only for high returns (which could happen as well!) but because of following your dream and passion that is do talented fresh entrepreneurs really like instead of working in the office 8-12 hours per day. If you truly follow your passion you surely be able to develop a successful business. And that is why we believe determining your passion in the beginning of your journey is very important!

You will learn about business frameworks– how to create a business plan understandable for potential partners and customers.

Homework: materials about business model canvas and other frameworks for a business model; assignment on preparing the business model for your business.

You present your business plan and receive feedback.

We believe each person has individual strengths and talents. if you build your business based on strengths and not on weaknesses – you definitely will be much more successful. A tutor discusses with participants the concept of strengths and helps to find their own ones. You will explore the concepts of competitive and comparative advantages.

Homework: materials on own strengths, competitive and comparative advantages; assignment on determining of competitive and comparative advantages of your business.

Participants will present the advantages of their start-ups. You will discover the concept of lean start-up – how to get started and ensure the regular improving your business.

Homework: materials on lean start-up; assignment on preparing the minimum viable product (MVP) for your start-up.

Participants present their MPV. Discussing the financial and legal aspects of start-ups.

Homework: materials on financial and legal aspects of starting a business; assignment on preparing the financial report of your business and a step-by-step plan for registration of the business.

Participants present their financial reports and step-by-step registration plans. You will learn more about the ways of funding the start-up.

Homework: materials on funding options for your start-up; assignment on preparing the list of possible funding sources for your start-up.

Before starting a new block, participants share information on the possible ways of financing their own start-up. It is difficult to exaggerate the importance of networking in starting any business. A good network is already half of your success! You will find out how to create an effective network and what are the channels for finding the right one.

Homework: materials on networking and effective communication; assignment on determining the right network for your business and finding the ways on how to access it.

In the beginning, participants present their assignments on determining the right network for their start-ups. A tutor shares information about the most effective marketing and strategy for your business.

Homework: materials on marketing and strategy; assignment on determining the channels for marketing of your business and preparing the strategy.

Participants present their strategies and marketing channels. Together with the tutor, you will finalize your start-up project.

Homework: working on your start-up taking into consideration all the feedback you have received during the course.

The last session is focused to brush up your start-up and getting ready for the launch (if you have not done it yet!).

Dates and Price

Dates Price
Group online course, 10 weeks € 350
Individual online course, 10 weeks € 550

*The exact days and time for sessions will be discussed individually with the course participants.

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