How to Manage your Business even More Effectively?

How to manage your business even more effectively? What methodologies really work? How did the combination of American and Japanese methodology allow hundreds of thousands of companies to reach a new level with the available resources? All this and not only in our new article.

In the modern conditions of the economy, business is exactly the subject that should be able to adapt to increasingly changing conditions. The pandemic has shown us that the appearance of the so-called “black swans” is quite real and can entail risks for business. One of the most popular methods is Lean Six Sigma. The method can be used not only in the field of business but also applicable to any other. Why was it called Lean Six Sigma? The answer is simple. “Lean manufacturing” is a set of actions aimed at reducing production losses and accelerating production in general. “Six Sigma” are actions that are aimed at improving the quality of products and services in the company, which entail an increase in customer loyalty. Such large companies as General Motors, VALEO, Ford Motor Company, New Balance, Caltex, etc actively use the methodology.

In the application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, there are four skill levels: “White belt”, “Yellow belt”, “Green Belt”, “Black Belt”. According to the gradation, these levels show the increase in skills in the application of the methodology. Who benefits from using this technique? Every company.
The methodology optimizes the company’s processes. This technique is a solution for those who use advanced developments and are used to getting results even when other market participants are only at the stage of thinking.

Organizations can expect the following results:

  • Increase in profit while reducing costs;
  • Standardized and simplified processes that are less likely to lead to an error;
  • Reducing the number of errors;
  • Efficiency and employee development;
  • Value for the customer and increase customer satisfaction.

As practice shows, high-level specialists who achieve impressive growth rates, regardless of the initial conditions, adopt this concept.

The Netherlands Education Group offers a course aimed at improving business efficiency using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. The course is conducted by certified specialists in the field of this methodology with an MBA diploma. After completing the course, participants receive certificates. The course runs from November 28 and ends on December 3, 2021. The cost of the course is 650 euros.

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by Tsikalova Alyona