Group Leaders

Are you an active person with the large network? Do you want to travel to other countries for free? Then we might have something for you!

The Netherlands Education Group organizes short-term courses in the field of business and personal development in Amsterdam and The Hague (and sometimes in some other places). Here you can see the list of our courses.

Our courses help young people to accelerate and reach their full potential! We provide you with skills and knowledge and contribute to your development as a future leader!

We are looking for active people from different countries who could spread information about our courses and invite participants to join. Spread the information about our courses, invite people to join them, and we will invite you as a Group Leader and cover your costs for the participation.

What do we offer to a Group Leader?

  • Free participation in any of our courses – here you can see the list of upcoming courses and the new ones are being added regularly.
  • Joining our course as a Group Leader and that means you will be assigned some organizational tasks
  • Getting international experience while participating in an international project

What do you need to do in order to become a Group Leader?

  • ‘Like’ our page – the page of the Netherlands Education Group.
  • Invite participants to join any of our courses. The list of courses is available here.

Please note:

If you find 5 participants to join any of the courses – we will offer you free participation in any of the courses, but you will need to cover your travel and visa costs.

If you find 10 participants to join any of the courses – we will offer you fully covered participation and also will cover your travel costs and the visa fee.

How does it work?

If you want to become a Group Leader – you are asked to find participants who would like to join our courses. Those people should be willing to join any of the programs. We ask all persons to provide the pre-payment (half of the participation fee) for the course, and the rest is to be paid upon arrival. Only participants who provided pre-payment will be counted for you in order to qualify for a role of a Group Leader.

What happens if you start looking for people but will not find 5 people?

In this case, we will not be able to invite you as a Group Leader. But the program does not have any deadline. You can look for people as long as you want and even if you do not have 5 people yet – you can email us later when you will have them.

Who can become a participant in our projects?

We do not have any geographical or age restrictions. So you can look for people from any country of any age.

Requirements for Group Leaders:

  • Good level of English;
  • Good communication and organization skills.

Applicants from any countries are welcome to apply. There is no deadline, so you are welcome to apply any time.

How to apply for the position of a Group Leader?

Please send your CV to and indicate ‘Group Leader’ as a subject. After your CV is accepted, you will receive a reply from you, and you are welcome to look for participants for the courses. And as soon as you have found any – please email us again!

We hope to see you in Amsterdam… or in Vienna!