Saad Ahmed Abdullah

Gents Salon : The men’s salon project

Saad Ahmed

The men’s salon project is considered one of the most profitable projects in the afterlife, especially after the
spread of fashion and beauty sessions and the desire of young people to appear as movie stars and their role
models from football players, artists, singers and others, by requesting the work of certain hairstyles, as well as
services for removing excess hair and skin whitening operations through clamps and machines. Smoothing,
sculpting, and other modern cosmetics such as hair cream baths, and facial exfoliation, all for good profits. All this
is in addition to all citizens, children and the elderly, who periodically want to cut their hair and mustache, but this
project may require material or human needs, but its results and profits will compensate for all that has been spent in a very short time.


When choosing a suitable place to make a men’s salon, a place must be chosen in a quiet, clean and relatively upscale area, so that it is suitable for its purpose in cosmetic operations, sanding and organizing hair, and in the more urbanized areas, its youth are more interested in fashion and imitation of artists, singers and others, while in the areas Simple and random, young people are indifferent to these matters, and the financial return from them is relatively weak .But it must be taken into account that choosing the location of the shop is suitable for rent, especially if you are a beginner in the project, and the capital with you is weak, and you will certainly need laborers with periodic salaries, in addition to the materials, accessories and packages needed to fix hair, whiten the face, and so on .It is also recommended that the location of the shop be in an area where sewage and water services are available on a regular basis so that it can clean and disinfect the shop periodically, upgrade it and beautify it in front of the citizens.


Of course, like any project when it is launched, it needs certain tools, equipment, and raw materials that facilitate the completion of the project and its role. In the men’s salon project, we find that the owner needs to make appropriate decorations for the service provided to the public. It also requires the purchase of large fixed chairs and the lengths and movements of its parts on which the customer relies on his head and hands can be changed. There are chairs for that.In the beginning, it is advised to buy only two chairs, in order to bring in a lot of money, and you need to buy another number of chairs for the waiting customers to sit on. In most cases, there is a largesized TV screen for customers to watch, with the need to cover the shop from the inside with a number of highquality mirrors .All of the above were secondary requirements, and of course, some shavers, blow dryers, hair irons and steamers should be purchased in addition to the purchase of creams, hair gel and other perfumes, means of cleansing and hair removal, and combs that help to make hairdos in a decent and elaborate manner, and facial creams, oil baths and others must also be provided. .


The project does not initially require more than two people who have experience and special competence in hair
cutting, beautifying the skin and dealing with the tools used efficiently and carefully, and ensuring that they are in
good character and have good relations with the surrounding neighborhood so as not to alienate customers from
dealing with them. 

The importance of creating a men’s salon project

After we reviewed the project, its implementation mechanism, the services provided, and the profits accruing
from it, we find that it is the best project for those who have adequate capital and wish to develop and increase it
and profit through it. We also find that it is a permanent project and is not affected by any obstacles; As no one
can stay long without trimming his hair and beautifying his appearance in front of the public.

It is important to create a project like this that you can use young people who specialize in this to help you with
their expertise, and they are widely available in salon shops, and many of them wish to start a new shop project
that will achieve a name and fame.