Free Online Course


Do you want to follow an online course and receive a certificate from the Netherlands Education Group for FREE? Then we might have good news for you!

The Netherlands Education Group organizes quality educational programs that help people to accelerate and raise their value for labor market! We would like more people to know about our courses! We would like more people from YOUR network to learn about our courses! Could you help us?

What to do?

Step 1
Go to our Facebook page:

Step 2
Like our page!

Step 3
Make a post on your Facebook page and include the link to our page.
The post can be similar to: “Dear Friends, I would like to share with you the link to the Netherlands Education Group that offers quality short-term educational programs in the Netherlands and Russia! Check up their page for more info –”

But you are welcome to amend the post the way you want and make it more agile!

Step 4
Ask your friends to share your post. Get 20 or more people who would share the post from your page.

Step 5
When 20 people shared your post from your page send an email to and indicate the topic “Free online course: 20 Shares Reached”. Include the following information in your email:

  • Your full name
  • Country
  • The link to your Facebook page

After we receive the email from you we will go to your page and check the post. If your page will not be visible to us we will contact you for assistance. If everything is correct – we will offer you an online course for FREE! We will suggest a few courses – you can choose the one you want! Quality online education was never as affordable as now!

At the moment we offer the following courses in the scope of the program:

  • Project Management Course
  • Human Resource Management

You will be offered to follow the course and at the end, you will be provided with the certificate confirming the successful completion of the course!

Boost your CV with the certificate from the Netherlands Education Group!