Finding a Job in the Netherlands

You want to find a job in the Netherlands but… 

Do you want to find a job in the Netherlands but don’t know where to start? We can help! If you come from abroad it might be challenging to navigate in a Dutch labor market. Where to look for vacancies? What are the fields where you have higher chances to find a job? Every country has its specifics of a job market. We will share all the special things about Dutch labor market.

Have you been spending hours and hours applying for jobs in the Netherlands but still did not receive any invitations to the interview? Maybe your CV and motivation letter have to be improved? Or maybe you are applying for jobs in the area where chances for foreigners are minimal.

We help to understand the labor market in the Netherlands. We consult on which field you have good chances to find a job. We assess your background and assist in finding suitable vacancies and apply.

Do you want to find a job in the Netherlands and move here? We are also ready to assist! Of course, we can never provide a 100% guarantee that you will find the job of your dream. However, we provide you with full information about the labor market and help in your search!

What we offer

We offer the following package of services.

  • Consultation on Dutch labor market
  • General guidance on the vacancies, the process of finding a job and application for a position
  • Information about the working permit for applicants from outside of EU
  • Assessing your profile, providing evaluation and consultation on chances to find a job in the Netherlands
  • Consultation about the fields where you can easier find a job and the fields where finding a job would be challenging
  • Advice on education to increase chances of getting the desired job

Package fee: € 250

Apart from that, we can provide additional assistance in the following fields (for an extra fee):

  • Finding the right vacancies that suit your profile
  • Preparing the application for the position
  • Preparation for a job interview
  • Other assistance

The question that we often receive “Can you give a guarantee that I will find a job after this consultation?”. Unfortunately, nobody can give you such a guarantee. Whether you will find a job or not depends on your background. Where we can give guarantee is the following – we will tell you what are the ways to look for a job, we will assess your background and advise you where to look for a job and which actions to take to have higher chances to find a job!

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