Here we answered some of the Frequently Asked Questions about our courses!

How to apply?

Here you can find a list of our courses.
If you click on any of them – you will find information about the application process.

Should I have an English language certificate to apply for a course?

No, we do not require a certificate confirming the level of English in order to apply for the course.

Who can apply for your courses?

Everybody! Our courses are open to everyone from any country.

Do you offer scholarships?

No. Please see more details

I want to come for the course and stay a bit longer in the city. Is it possible?

Yes! We can provide you with a visa invitation for a longer period. Please let us know and we will provide you with an invitation for a longer period. Please note – you would need to take care of your accommodation for extra days by yourself. In some cases, we can offer you accommodation for an extra fee upon availability.

How to pay for the course?

We ask you to make the pre-payment in the amount of 50% of the course fee. The remaining sum could be paid on arrival.

The pre-payment can be done via bank transfer, credit card. If none of these methods is available – you can use services like MoneyGram, PayPal or Western Union.

Here you could find all the information about payment methods: https://tneg.nl/courses/payment/ 

Can I receive a visa invitation without payment?

No. We ask you to make the pre-payment in the amount of 50% of the course fee. The remaining sum could be paid on arrival. After receiving this pre-payment we are sending a visa invitation letter.

How do I receive a visa?

We provide you with a visa invitation and you will be able to apply for a visa using this invitation. You would need to apply for a visa in the closest consulate. We recommend you contact the consulate as soon as possible as some consulates require you to make an appointment for a visa application. Also, you can check on the website of the consulate and learn more about the other documents needed for a visa application. Usually, it is a passport size photo, filled application form, in some cases – insurance and some other documents.

I am worried about a visa. How can you help me?

We provide a visa invitation. You can apply for a visa with that invitation. In addition to that, we will be happy to guide you and provide other information needed for obtaining a visa. If needed – we can also contact the Consulate and confirm the invitation or email the invitation directly to the Consulate. Usually, that can be sufficient for obtaining a visa.

However, if you need additional support for a visa application – the following option is possible. Usually, we provide a visa invitation issued by our organization with our information. There is also the possibility to provide an additional letter from the Municipality to confirm the invitation. This letter is issued by the local Municipality and includes the information about us – hosting party – and you – an invited person. This is an official letter. It can strengthen your visa application package. If you would like that letter – we ask for the full pre-payment of the fee for the program. We ask about it because we have to pay the fee for that letter and also conduct some additional work for obtaining that letter. 

Do you only have the courses that are published on the website?

Well, generally we offer the courses that are published on the website, but we also organize tailor-made courses. A tailor-made course can be given on nearly any date on almost any topic. Usually, we offer tailor-made courses for groups of 5 people and more – in that case, the price per participant will be about the same as for our regular courses. However, if you are with a group of fewer than 5 people – you can email us with the request for a tailor-made course and we can make you an offer!

We also offer individual courses – if you email us with the description of the individual course you would like to have – we can advise you on the price!

Why your courses are much cheaper than most of the other courses offered in Western Europe?

Because that’s what we do – we offer affordable quality education for everyone from around the world! What we also try to do – we try to cut costs in order to be able to keep the price stable and do not raise it!

I have another question that is not answered here!

Another question?! No worries! Email us – info@tneg.nl or call +31 30 879 50 55

If you have a question about one of the courses – please indicate “Question about the Courses” as the topic of the email. We usually reply to all emails within  1-4 working days. If you did not receive the reply within this period – that means probably we did not receive your email (you may resend your email).