Country: UK
Skills: Admin, translation service: English, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish. Customer advisor
Education: Vilnius Cooperative College


It’s my pleasure to introduce myself. So my name is Eva and I am from Lithuania. In 2013 I have moved to London. I was leaving and working there. Due to some personal circumstances, I came to Russia, and because of quarantine I was not able to come back to the UK. But as the job is home-based I am available to start immediately. My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it, self-motivated person, self-disciplined I am a good team player as well as has a good ability to lead the team. I can adapt to any kind of environment. I am a good listener and a quick learner. My short term goal is I want a such a platform where I can grow my career along with the organization growth like yours and. My Long term goal is I want to be one of the reasons for the success of the organization and I want to see your organization as a benchmark to other organizations.

Year of Birth: 1991
Languages: Polish – Fluent, Russian – Fluent, Lithuanian – Native, English – Fluent, Spanish – Advanced


I graduated with my Bachelor of economics in 2010 from Vilnius Cooperative College. So while my degree exposed me to the business side of the world, the rest of my education was in the humanities. I feel as though I’ve leveraged both sides of my education in my career. I certainly learned things outside of the classroom including time management, how to work cooperatively in a group, and how to be intrinsically motivated. I truly think I use these skills on a daily basis, so I’m especially grateful for my education.


I was working as an Assistant Manager for a few years. My responsibility was to support a General Manager in the daily responsibilities required to keep a business running smoothly. I had to direct employees and ensure that work is being completed in a timely and effective manner. As well I was involved in employee hiring, dismissal procedures, and I had to propose new opportunities for workplace improvement and revenue growth.


  • From € 12 per hour

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