Country: Nicaragua
Skills: Personnel management and group communication, through strategic planning and organization, DHCP / DNS Server Administration, Excellent business techniques, Creation of eCommerce environments, Creation of online marketing campaigns
with Google Ads (PPC) and Facebook Ads, Known Apps: Microsoft Office 365/2019, LAN/DHCP/TCP/IP/VPN/Cloud Tools, Virtual Machines with VmWare/Parrallels, Final Cut Pro X, Salesforce/ Facebook Ads/ Mailchimp/Youtube Studio, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere CC, IBM SPSS & Cisco Packet Tracer
Education: National University of Engineering


You can be assured that after you review my resume, you will find that I am a passionate young fellow wishing to continue learning in every segment. Even though my bachelor’s degree might be considered as “technological”, my continuous desire for learning doesn’t stop me from acquiring knowledge in social media marketing, e-commerce environments, advertisement campaigns, IT solutions, and discover new software tools every day. Startup-like mindset and small business management are my passion. Over the years, in the job experiences that I have been able to work and implement techniques and strategies learned from my past studies, obtaining progressive results in sales, process improvement, and positive operational synergy. In my last two jobs, everyday tasks were powered up by platforms like Office 365, Trello, and Monday, as well as Google Drive Applications, which I am very familiar with.

Year of Birth: 1994
Languages: Spanish (native), Advanced level of English, Mandarin-Chinese (intermediate level)


  • Bachelor Degree in Systems Engineering (Undergraduate) 2017, National University of Engineering (Nicaragua)
  • Information Technology Course – IT Essentials of CISCO for CompTIA + exam.
  • Graphic Design II (Adobe Illustrator & InDesign – UNI )
  • Social Media Marketing – Boston UniversityX
  • Advanced Digital Marketing (UNI)
  • IT Fundamentals for Business Professionals – UPValenciaX.
  • TOEFL iBT exam diploma with grade 98 (C1 level of English according to EFSET).
  • TOCFL diploma (Level 1 of Mandarin Chinese communication


  • May 2019 – Jan 2020 DANGER SHOES, Lima, Peru, I.T. Support Specialist
    Installation of computer equipment, local access network and set security parameters through DHCP and DNS server. Provide technical assistance service on-site and remote equipment, obtaining a productivity increase of 38% according to the process meters, increased sales and decreased response time of all operations in the company.
  • Dec. 2018 – Apr. 2019 LATINA EDITORES, Boyacá, Colombia, Sales and Purchasing Advisor.
    – Restoration of computer equipment and implementation of a private DHCP protected network for the different areas of the company.
    – Successful implementation of the 5S method in the production area, increasing sales effectiveness by 25%.
  • Mar. 2016 – Dec. 2018 ALUMIVIDRIO, Managua, Nicaragua, Operations Supervisor
    – Responsible for the entire process of manufacturing, transport, installation and after-sales service to customers of the products and services offered, establishing quality controls in the processes, and monitoring of supplies/accessories in the company.
    – Successful implementation of the CRM-Bitrix24 for efficient control of the client portfolio, as well as the LAN network and security cameras with NVR


  • From € 6 per hour

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