How to Pay

If you want to make a payment you can use one of the following methods of the payment.

1. Bank Transfer

The most preferred option. Our account details are:

NAMEStichting Libertas International
COUNTRYThe Netherlands
ADDRESS OF THE BANKHammarskjoldhof 2, 3527 HE Utrecht
IBAN (number of the account)NL46 INGB 0006 6755 08

If someone else is making the payment for you please make sure your name is mentioned together with the title of the course (in the description of the payment).

2. PayPal

Payment via PayPal is only possible if the payment amount is less than € 500.
Payments that are above € 500 should be transferred via a bank account.

Please note there is a PayPal commission of € 10 for credit card payments and therefore additional € 10 will be deducted.


*Paypal is currently not available in Ghana and some other African countries so we do not accept PayPal payments from these areas. 

3. Pay In Person

The payment can be also made at our office in Amsterdam or Utrecht, at least in 1 month prior to the course start date.
If you would like to make the payment in the office – please email to in advance to make an appointment.

4. Other Methods

If none of the above-mentioned payment methods is suitable for you, we could offer services like Western Union, Ria Transfer, etc.
If you make the payment via Ria transfer or Western Union – there is an additional commission of € 50 per payment. So please make the payment of the required amount + € 50. The reason for the commission is that we do not receive the payment made via Ria Transfer or Western Union directly to our account but we have to go and collect it from the office of Ria Transfer or Western Union and there are costs involved. 
The most preferable way of transfer is via Ria Transfer. You can find the location of Ria Transfer office in your city here
Also please note it might make up to 3 weeks before we will be able to collect the payment. 
If you wish to make the payment without an additional commission of € 50 and do not wait before we collect the payment – we kindly advise you to make the payment via bank transfer. 
If you wish to use these services – please email