Why this program?

Online MBA program is suitable for those who work in a corporate environment and want to develop their career! This course lets you receive an express MBA certificate to raise chances for future promotions within or beyond your company! This course is also suitable for those who would like to get started with their own start-ups. The course will give you knowledge and skills which you can apply for starting and developing your own business!

The following pillars constitute the foundation of our program:

Online MBA: Knowledge

The program allows receiving knowledge about modern business and its development! We use only the newest methodologies, so all the information you get is up-to-date. You will learn only actual concepts and theories! You will gain the practical knowledge to apply in your work and help your company to reach new levels!

Online MBA: Skills

During the program, you will have the opportunity to develop the skills that are in high demand in the modern labor market! Develop your team working skills to work effectively with other people. Communication skills –to give presentations for the international audience! And a number of other skills that will allow you to be effective while working in a global environment!

Online MBA: Network

Do you know that more than 70% of jobs in the Netherlands are got via networks and not via applying to an open vacancy? We believe a network plays a crucial role in career growth! That is why we pay great attention to this aspect of our program! Participation in a 1-year Online MBA program allows you to create a great network and contribute to your future international career! You will meet your classmates – they are young leaders from different countries. You will communicate with your tutors – professionals with vast experience in various business areas. You will do projects in companies and will be able to develop the network via those organizations. And many other opportunities to broaden your network! We do not just create a chance of meeting different professionals, but also provide knowledge and tools for the effective expansion of your network. Discover how to continue developing your network after graduation and find the right people to succeed in your professional life!

Online MBA: Job

We do understand that the main aim of those who come to study the MBA program is finding a dream job! And we are willing to help! During the whole program and several months after graduation, we are providing career coaching! Our coach will discuss and consider various directions for your career growth. Together you will find the right solution – to choose a dream job with financial satisfaction and happiness! Moreover, the coach will assist with writing a CV and Motivation Letter that can help your application to stand out among others! With our guidance and assistance, you will find the job of your dream!

Online MBA: Intercultural

Intercultural awareness
Never underestimate the role of international awareness!. Making an international career, you often have to travel abroad or communicate with people from different countries and cultures. Understanding divergence in different cultures and behaviors can play a significant role in international career improvement. That is why during the program you will learn more about business culture in other countries and raise your intercultural awareness.

Online MBA: Startup

If you have your own start-up or want to start one – our program is the key! This block is focused on the development of entrepreneurship and creativity! Even if you are not going to start your own business, those qualities Will make you more competitive in any position! If you are ready to start your own business, don’t forget that Amsterdam is one of the world’s largest Start-up Hubs offering great opportunities for fresh entrepreneurs and easy access to the European market!

Online MBA: Career

International career
Our Online MBA program is focused on an international career. We will cover the main aspects of international business and global economics. The global market is rapidly changing every day. This block will help you to understand how people are building their international global careers and find your own path!

Online MBA: CV

MBA is always a major addition to your impressive CV! Add information about MBA studies to your CV to make it shine! Today, more and more recruiters pay more attention to candidates with MBA. Including MBA in your CV will make it easier for you to get the desired job!

Online MBA: Leadership

Our program is not only about obtaining the right knowledge and finding your own path to a global career! We believe that every person who joins the program is a leader! Some already have an impressive background in leadership. Others are making their first steps! We do our best to help each participant to realize leadership talents. We guide each person individually, determine strengths, and find a relevant career. Furthermore, we help everyone to reveal potential and become an effective professional in an international environment!


Visiting Amsterdam
During the program, you will visit the Netherlands and spend at least 1 week in Amsterdam! Within your stay you will be working on your project with your supervisor who will assist you in organizing your trip. In Amsterdam, you will visit the companies relevant to your project and develop your own network. In addition, you will get job training. That means that we will analyze your CV and consult you on how to find the job in the Netherlands or another European country. If you are interested in getting hired in particular company in the Netherlands – you can let that us know in advance, and we will consult you on the proper approach. During your stay, you also have the chance to have appointment with the employees of these companies.