Master Degree for FREE!

The Netherlands Education Group (a subsidiary of Stichting Libertas International) is in the process of applying for accreditation for a Master’s education in the Netherlands. Such accreditation is provided to educational institutions by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders. One of the requirements for accreditation is a completed 1-year (or longer) education program. That is why we are organizing this Online MBA program – and that is why the price is so cheap!

With your help, we will be able to receive the accreditation and offer an actual Master-degree program! For you, that also means that the diploma will be issued by an institution that is accredited in accordance with the standards of Dutch Master-education!
The program is offered for this price only this year. After we receive the accreditation, the price for the program will significantly grow. So, if you want to receive quality business education that is complying with international standards for a very cheap price – you have this opportunity now! Next year, the program will cost much more!
What do you get? 
When we receive accreditation for the Master’s program, you can join it! And that will be free for you! That means that we will apply for you for 1-year study visa and in case of successful completion of the Master program in the Netherlands – you can apply afterward for a 1-year Orientation Visa to look for a job in the Netherlands.
Masters Degree for FREE