Online MBA

Online MBA

+ 1-week stay in Amsterdam! Or even longer!

📅 Dates: Confirmed with each participant individually
⌛ Duration: 12 months
🔖 Price: from € 4000

The Netherlands Education Group offers an Online MBA program!

Get the knowledge and skills essential for the development of a successful international career! Visit Amsterdam! Our program is designed by professionals who are familiar with both business and academic areas. This program allows you to learn all the foundations of business administration.

Taking into account the ongoing mutability of the world today we are continuously working on including the most modern materials in the program. We offer up-to-date knowledge that will allow you to become a global leader tomorrow!

We invite you to join an innovative program that combines the elements of classical academic education and a practical approach!

Online MBA (Modern Business Administration) program of the Netherlands Education Group is the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments of business and gain knowledge and skills that are essential for today’s labor market.

In addition to theoretical blocks, a large part of the program is dedicated to personal and soft skills development. You will understand better your strengths and weaknesses, will develop teamwork and leadership skills. Thanks to career counselling from professionals you will be able to orient better the world of jobs and find the one that suits you the most. The substantial element of the program is practical work. You will be working with companies to find solutions for the actual problems of modern business.

Networking is the key element while finding a job. The program will help you to broaden your professional network that could be of huge value for your career.

Disruption in the world of business education! A unique program to prepare for tomorrow! Join the course and move your boundaries!

The program we offer is the program in Modern Business Administration. At the moment we are applying for accreditation to be able to offer the programs in Master of Business Administration. When you successfully complete the Online program in Modern Business Administration – you can join for FREE the program of Master of Business Administration in the Netherlands when our accreditation will be received. In that case, you will be able to receive a Master education in the Netherlands for FREE and after graduation – you will be able to stay in the Netherlands and look for a job.

Join Online MBA and open the doors to a global career!