Contest: Essay on Education Abroad

Have you studied abroad? Would you like to follow an online course and get a certificate from the Netherlands Education Group for FREE? Then share with us your experience and write an essay about studies abroad!

Education abroad is one of the most enriching experiences in life!
Write an article and share some tips to help a person from another end of the world to get similar experience!

How can you do it?

Recall the time before you applied for studies abroad. When did you look for the program? How did you find the scholarships? Where did you look for the information? How did you prepare the application?

Write an article or essay where you tell in details about your own experience – how you found the information and prepared your application. Tell a bit about your experience as an international student. And also – please include some tips for those who want to go and study abroad – where to look for the information about the programs and how to prepare a good application! Try to make your article/essay interesting, informative and useful for those who would like to study abroad.

All authors can follow an online course and receive a certificate from the Netherlands Education Group for FREE.

At the moment we have the following online courses that you can choose from:

  • Project Management
  • Entrepreneurship/Start-Up

And surely we will publish articles/essays on our website.

If you want for your essay to be successful – please check it versus the following criteria:

  • Plain language – the article should be easy to follow and understand
  • Comprehension – the article should contain specific information about your experience
  • Benefit – the article should be useful for those who would like to study abroad and include some tips
  • Visual – attach any pictures from your study!

There are no limits for the text length. Participants from all countries are welcome, but please – use English language for the text! As long as you had some study experience in a country different from your home country – you are welcome to participate!

Share your experience and help others to change their lives!

Interested in? Please write an article/essay and email it to Indicate “Contest: Essay on Education Abroad” as the topic.