Fluoink Nanotechnologies

Ramzi Maalej Fluoink Nanotechnologies Fluoink Nanotechnologies is a nano-tech company that develops an innovative, state of the art, antibacterial platform that can give any surface the power to instantly and continuously, destroy  bacteria, especially in hospitals where hundreds of vulnerable and antibiotic resistant bacteria proliferate, which are called nosocomial bacteria.  Our mission is to create … Read more

Alliance for Development and Population Services


Alliance for Development and Population Services None-commercial organization Alliance for development and population services is a non-profit, none commercial organization established in response to myriad of social economic issues and problems that hinder communities development and well-being in Kenya, e.g., retrogressive practices, lack of knowledge on how to create wealth, hard core poverty, high rate … Read more


Hamdi Ayyildiz Biosfer Water and Agriculture Technology This project focuses more on small house vineyard/garden growers in rural settlements than on the group of companies. In this direction, the studies and activity piles within the project are as follows: Realization of the works related to the project and their introduction to the public Mapping of … Read more

Ilyes Ben Marzouk


Ilyes Ben Marzouk ECOTRADE Project Early-stage ventures that utilize new knowledge and technologies must carefully allocate their limited resources in order to sustain development and growth. Planning is crucial for these ventures as they navigate critical paths and work towards achieving corporate objectives within the context of their technological evolution (Wang and Guild,1996). From this … Read more

Andrii Hladkyi


Andrii Hladkyi Web Intrusion Detection System Working in a big company on my projects, I faced the problem of everyday malicious activity from the web trying to scan/hack into internal systems. What if we collect malicious traffic, analyze it, and train an ML model to detect it in the future? Almost 80% of network traffic … Read more

Japheth Omondi Aseko

Japheth Aseko

Japheth Omondi Aseko GIS and Remote Sensing Consultancy Company This will be tasked in the following areas: Environmental Impact Analysis Cartographic work Land Cover, land use map Environmental monitoring works Lecturing work in various environmental and Ecology departments Training of government agencies on matters of environment Steps: Purchasing high speed computers and GIS and Remote … Read more

Orkhan G. Gulahmadov


Orkhan G. Gulahmadov​ Hybrid form of intelligent technology based on triboelectric nanogenerators​ The project will improve the lives of people with visual impairments. Individuals who are deprived of stimuli that need to be taken with visual sense and who are severely affected by visual impairment are called visually impaired individuals. According to the World Health … Read more

Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu


Nkiruka Rosemary Iwu Pinky’s Blog I actually started my business – Pinky’s Blog about two years ago but seek more international presence for my business. I will love to develop my business further in the Netherlands. This is the website I built on my own for my business, PinkysBlog.org. You can view it and see my … Read more

Hiya Story

Hiya Story Samah Gacem / Tamkeen Organization Although both men and women in Algeria face high levels of unemployment, particularly in the midst of a weakened economy, women have only a percentage of 17,01 of participation in the labor force (The World Bank 2019), and the situation is more worse for young women in the … Read more

Rachad Abou Salhab Aboultaif


Rachad Abou Salhab Aboultaif Traki Garment IDEA        The main ideas are to combats climate change, save and protects precious water, helps a lot of farmers to feed their families, eliminates hazardous synthetic pesticides, give control to farmers not GM companies and give opportunities for youth and women in Cairo and Alexandria                                                                                                                                                                   GOAL      Traki garment is … Read more