Gharbi A chain of restaurants with an authentic Algerian character The restaurant is a mixture of the Algerian-Andalusian civilization with a hint of the luxurious Dutch heritage, which is characterized by the way such as chairs, waitress costumes, perfumes, and lamps.  The type of food and the method of its preparation: Algerian recipes, despite their … Read more

How to Start Your Business (Online course)

  Start Date: 1 October 2020   Price: from € 350 Is this time for challenges and changes? Time to change your career path and do something you really like? It is time to start your own business! Learn how to launch your first start-up. Step by step we will guide you through different stages … Read more

Start-up Visa

Do you have an idea of a start-up? The Netherlands offers a 1-year start-up visa that allows you to travel to the Netherlands, stay here for one year and work on your start-up. In case of your project’s success, your stay can be prolonged, and you can continue staying in the Netherlands! Come to the … Read more

Business in The Netherlands

Advantages of having business in the Netherlands What we offer Our Prices Visas & Migration to the Netherlands Contact Us Do you want to launch your start-up in The Netherlands? Or you already have a local business in your country and want to open and develop a branch in the Netherlands? So you are in … Read more