Entrepreneurs! Share your stories!

The Netherlands Education Group unites talented professionals from around the globe! Our community consists of young leaders from different countries who are keen to learn and develop themselves! We invite entrepreneurs who just started their start-up or spent years running a successful business – to share their stories!

We invite to share how you came with an idea of business, how you got started, what were the main obstacles and how you overcame it. Please tell us about your journey from the moment you got an idea of the business until the moment you started the business.

It does not matter if your business was successful or not. Sometimes the failure stories provide great learning venue! You are welcome to share with us the story of how you tried and failed and tell us what you have learnt from that.

We will publish these stories for our community – young leaders from different countries who also would be interested in starting their own businesses. We believe your stories will provide huge learning value and could be just as useful as handbooks on start-ups!

You are welcome to share the story in the following form:

  • Write a story
  • Make a video where you tell about your story
  • And of course, you are very welcome to share the links and detailed information about your product or services

We will post the materials on our website as well as our Facebook page.

We are unable to provide any payment for the stories so we invite entrepreneurs who are ready to provide their stories for free or for sharing their business with our community.

If you are interested in – please send us an email to info@tneg.nl and indicate “Entrepreneur Sharing the Story” as the topic.